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Raven the Rottweiler

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on March 30, 2009

ravenraven2raven3Supprisingly yesterday, mom & dad brought back a < 1 month old baby Rottweiler..  Initially, we’ve been discussing over this matter on whether wanting to breed a dog at home for security reasons. We are all worried that there aren’t enough time as we are all quite pre-occupied with our job and juggling with daily responsibilities at home respectively. However, since we have got her i’d guess its worth while.. She’s so adorable and cute. She’s definitely has got a trait in her, and i called it —> cuteness! We have all decided to name her Raven, by the way. She’s very active for a month old puppy, not to mention aggressive too! As for now, my hobby would be taking care of her until she is big enough to guard our house from intruders and my shoes, clothes and bags are all be safe by then.. he he! 


New Arrival

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on March 29, 2009

givinsp2givinspThe givenchy-inspired boots that i have been waiting for has finally arrived. Though it is a size 10, my feet are able to fit in with an access space of ½ an inch. Eventhough they are not as authentic and the same as the originals, still i love them so much! i must give it a final touch-up using a black Sharpie on the upper layer of the brown platform sole + brown heels and they should look pretty much the same as the Givenchy’s. And, since that they arrived, i am planning to wear them during our trip to the city on May 2nd.

Celeb Dressings…

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on March 28, 2009


This time, i have decided to post something else other than shoes. i am really looking forward for a shopping spree on May 2nd, 2009 with my family as i have been in deprivation mode for quite sometime! Here are a few shortlisted dresses in different variations of color. Talking about dress, my wardrobe is seriously lacking lots of dresses. Anyways, i’ve gotta go for now i’ll keep in mind to post an update on copycat-celebs as promised in A Dose of Inspiration

BE the BEst

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on March 26, 2009


i have picked and decided to post a few of my favourite heels from Bebe. An incredible combination of of braids, straps, gladiator and black leather. We all know that Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Louboutin, Miu Miu and so forth are not affordable fashion. Furthermore with the current global economic grunge, who can possibly afford that? No doubt, they are undeniably beautiful. i swear that i will get at least a pair of those designer shoes, when they are all up for a clearance sale or something (at least 50% and above, of course!) The problem is, are they even lasted for the sale to come? Oh my, this is absolutely absurd! The more i think of it, the more complicated it became.. As for now, i can only afford something similar to the original designs but with a very much cheaper price. Talking about money, i just remembered that i’m on a strict shopping diet : ( 

 Anyways, soon enough, i will have a post on my shoe collections. i promise you that it will be the most boring shoe-tour that you’ve ever been.. :D Thanks to our local shoe-store, of course.. Sadly to say that they are not just unconfortably wearable but not anytime comparable to those shoe designers’, i mean what ‘s with the massive repetitive collections of colorful flat sandals and pumps with max 3″ heels” ?? It is very pityful that the people here are only exposed to 3″ heels and thought that it is the highest limit. Come on, we are Asians and Asian are usually short in height. We need more high heels, preferably the ones above 3″. Frankly, is there something that was seriously lacking in our local shoe designers (i.e. inspiration, interest, passion, idea, research?). Well, its easy to be said than to be done ain’t it? i hoped to be a shoe designer one day. Will post my shoe design sketches for you to judge, soon.. Comments are welcome.

A Dose of Inspiration

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on March 25, 2009

inspirationboard1Here are a few of my celeb-style inspiration, simplicity with a touch of complexity and masculinity in it. Kate Moss being a pop-star in the fur vest, i’m not a fur person but i have been giving serious thoughts on it in the past few months when i first bought the blue waxed trenchcoat from Seed, Padini in January this year. It has a faux-fur attached to its collar and that’s how it caught my attention in the first place besides the blue fabric.  Alright, faux-fur would be my next in list..

Nicky Hilton in Givenchy Cut-Out Boots, i would die for her shoe! Its outraging and appealing. This pair was also seen on Nicole Richie too, coincidently. Speaking of which, i am planning to do a review on celeb ‘wardrobe-coincidences’ and the ‘style-poineering’ as well as ‘trend-setting-celeb’. i have already a few in mind now.



Nicole looked pretty happy though, it must have been the shoes :D . Who wouldn’t? Nicole has quite a good taste for shoes, besides the Olsen twin. That was why she was made popular for, apart from her weight loss issue and the DUI charges, in my opinion. She kicked off with several pairs of Louboutin pumps during her glory days and later spreaded to the rest of the hollywood stars.  The Balenciaga Bootie she’s wearing was an extravagant piece of craft.

Victoria Beckham might not be a good singer (or shall i say, even close to it..) But she’s like the evolution of every fashion era among the celebrities. i salute her bravery for trying and setting a trend. Big-shades are started by her but made popularized by the Olsens and Nicole Richie. Probably, they picked this up from their personal stylist.. Rachel Zoe, we never know.

Tweed crop jackets worn by Jessica Stroup & Ashley Olsen looks edgy with a touch of ruggedness (3/4 pants, Boots and Fringe bag compliments the entire outfit)

That’s the wrap up for today. i am still waiting inpatiently for my shoes to arrive! They’re killing me softly, internally and mentally! Arghhh!


Posted in Style by styleantagonist on March 23, 2009

dscn1050-copyThis is what i have made for my mother’s birthday as a gift. Made of genuine Swarovski in Olive Green, Dark Red, Grey and Crystal Clear. i have been planing to bead her a bracelet since last year but only managed to produce one for her until recently, that’s really bad of me! Hate it when i do that! She loves it, anyway. “Happy Blessed Birthday Mummy!”

[ p/s: i will post more updates on my beadwork soon, stay tuned! ]


Posted in Style by styleantagonist on March 21, 2009

dscn1042-copy1dscn1024-copy1Wearing: Journal blazer, Honeymooners cotton top, Vintage 3/4 cotton pants, Wooden Turquoise-finished bangle, BATA sandal (a gift from boyfriend’s mother)

It was a wonderful Saturday with the beautiful weather and all my beautiful sisters waiting for me at the shop. i was very much excited as i am looking forward for the food there too! HaHa! To be frank, if i am not watching my weight, i would have swiped the whole rack of junky food at the market store and eat whatever i want. Apart from shopping, sleeping and crafting, my favourite past time would be EATING. That’s about me, i begin to feel very sickening about myself, i should stop here. See you soon.


Posted in Style by styleantagonist on March 17, 2009

bootlogOh my GAWK! These are definitely superb-booties. Really amazed by those shoe designers, they’ve got the most sensitive taste that that.. just wonderful! Salute! Salute! i would be the happiest, lukiest (and not to mention, gawkiest) person to ever own these pairs. Never in my wildest dream that such booties could ever existed (ahem, referring to Balenciaga & Sam Edelman’s of course…). Well, the world is full of possibilities, so i should start dream on it. i am sure to have them some day!

As for now & in the meantime, i’m on the lookout for a 2in1-combo-shoes (what’s that?) that serve the purpose of a boot and a sandal at the sametime. Reason being, couldn’t afford the above booties at the moment. This is what i have in mind.givenchyinsp

i look forward to receive it very soon! Yohoo! i can’t wait to get hold of this so that i can pair it with jeans and whatever skirt that i have. i hope that it will not be gigantic for me since they don’t have it in size 9 and was forced to choose between 8 and 10. We’ll see.

A Hair-doodle-do

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on March 16, 2009

16-03-09_174616-03-09_1741Wearing: MNG Suit coat, Nicole MNJ black pleated top, Old blue jeans (from thrift store), Black safety boots

Finally! After years of persuasion (from both my family & friends), i had decided to reward my hair a ‘brand new life’ after the breaking and splitting. Its not entirely though. But still it is shorter than what i have expected, initially. After the cut, i kept on asking myself over & over “What have i done? What is wrong with me? as if i’m in a ‘B’ version of “Alice in Wonderland”, Becky in Wonderland.. Anyway, the best thing was i did not felt the loss of my hair as bad as i used to during my younger days. But i do felt a significant loss of mass on my head! Plus, i saved so much of shampoo!  

 [ p/s : Excuse me for the low-resolution pictures, it was taken using my secondary Motorola Razr flip phone, that i always imagine myself being a part of the CSI LV team, flipping their phones with style while on serious investigations.. ] 

Shopaholic Sun-day

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on March 15, 2009

dscn0975-copy1dscn0967-copy1dscn0898-copy1Wearing: Journal blazer, Vintage Sheer Floral dress, Vintage $2.00 bag, Makemechic shoes

What a rainy-sun-day~ The weather yesterday obviously caused us all to be demotivated after making days of pre-arrangements prior to our sisterly outing to the mall. We hit straight for MNG (ignoring the rest of the store around us, in order to stay focus on our objective —> i.e. “buy only what we need”). We got ourselves several sale goods, such as vintage-like belt, shoes & jeans. Apparently, the goods here in Kuantan were mostly 3-5 years back-dated (Goodness!), so it is really unfortunate for those fashionistas & fashion freaks here, i must say. Anyway, who cares? Tell me, how often do we actually find vintage items around? One good thing about vintage items is that you buy them at lesser costs and this is good for super-saver-shoppers like us! haha!