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A Hair-doodle-do

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on March 16, 2009

16-03-09_174616-03-09_1741Wearing: MNG Suit coat, Nicole MNJ black pleated top, Old blue jeans (from thrift store), Black safety boots

Finally! After years of persuasion (from both my family & friends), i had decided to reward my hair a ‘brand new life’ after the breaking and splitting. Its not entirely though. But still it is shorter than what i have expected, initially. After the cut, i kept on asking myself over & over “What have i done? What is wrong with me? as if i’m in a ‘B’ version of “Alice in Wonderland”, Becky in Wonderland.. Anyway, the best thing was i did not felt the loss of my hair as bad as i used to during my younger days. But i do felt a significant loss of mass on my head! Plus, i saved so much of shampoo!  

 [ p/s : Excuse me for the low-resolution pictures, it was taken using my secondary Motorola Razr flip phone, that i always imagine myself being a part of the CSI LV team, flipping their phones with style while on serious investigations.. ] 


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