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Posted in Style by styleantagonist on March 25, 2009

inspirationboard1Here are a few of my celeb-style inspiration, simplicity with a touch of complexity and masculinity in it. Kate Moss being a pop-star in the fur vest, i’m not a fur person but i have been giving serious thoughts on it in the past few months when i first bought the blue waxed trenchcoat from Seed, Padini in January this year. It has a faux-fur attached to its collar and that’s how it caught my attention in the first place besides the blue fabric.  Alright, faux-fur would be my next in list..

Nicky Hilton in Givenchy Cut-Out Boots, i would die for her shoe! Its outraging and appealing. This pair was also seen on Nicole Richie too, coincidently. Speaking of which, i am planning to do a review on celeb ‘wardrobe-coincidences’ and the ‘style-poineering’ as well as ‘trend-setting-celeb’. i have already a few in mind now.



Nicole looked pretty happy though, it must have been the shoes :D . Who wouldn’t? Nicole has quite a good taste for shoes, besides the Olsen twin. That was why she was made popular for, apart from her weight loss issue and the DUI charges, in my opinion. She kicked off with several pairs of Louboutin pumps during her glory days and later spreaded to the rest of the hollywood stars.  The Balenciaga Bootie she’s wearing was an extravagant piece of craft.

Victoria Beckham might not be a good singer (or shall i say, even close to it..) But she’s like the evolution of every fashion era among the celebrities. i salute her bravery for trying and setting a trend. Big-shades are started by her but made popularized by the Olsens and Nicole Richie. Probably, they picked this up from their personal stylist.. Rachel Zoe, we never know.

Tweed crop jackets worn by Jessica Stroup & Ashley Olsen looks edgy with a touch of ruggedness (3/4 pants, Boots and Fringe bag compliments the entire outfit)

That’s the wrap up for today. i am still waiting inpatiently for my shoes to arrive! They’re killing me softly, internally and mentally! Arghhh!


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