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Me in Black

Posted in Colors, Inspiration, Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on May 30, 2009

blackWearing: MNG Embroided Torn Chiffon Sleeveless Top, MNG Lace Ruffle Skirt, Bebe Stella.gothblack3Closeup: MNG Embroided Torn Chiffon Sleeveless Topgothblack2Closeup: MNG Lace Ruffle Skirtblack2Wrapup of entire outfit in alternate angles.Libertine Lace Ruffle Skirt Libertine Lace Ruffle Skirt – 39.90 USD (Image Source:

i have just noticed that all my outfit attempts were never in Black. So, i decided to break the norm by putting on some black pieces that has been trapped in my wardrobe for ages :D i can almost hardly find these pieces as they deeply sunk into the bottom most of the stack.. Furthermore it is black in color & it easily camofloushes with the rest of the black outfit. The reason i picked this combination because i am in the mood for frills, ruffles, lace and heavy embroideries that gives the entire look a feel of gothic / haute fashion-like experience. The skirt was similar with what has offered – Libertine Lace Ruffle Skirt for 39.90 USD. Whereas mine was bought at MNG at a 70% slashed price, 49.oo MYR ~ 14 USD (@ 3.5 conversion rate). i knew that the ruffles were not too dominant to create the effect but it was close. i am not a fan of silky-effect-fabrics as you can see from the picture that the top were made of satin-like fabric covering the chest area, i would prefer it to be matt effect (chiffon, cotton, or anything besides glossy fabric) if possible. So that it adds up enough amount of energy & seriousness into the entire ensemble. i then pair it with my Bebe Stella shoe, sorry i have forgotten to take a close-up for this :D In case you’re wondering, you can see it here. Thank you for those who visited & viewed my blog. i appreciate it. See you all again.


Favourite Fall 2009 RTW Collection (Part 3)

Posted in Designers, Models, Style by styleantagonist on May 30, 2009

antonioberrardiantonioberrardi2antonioberrardi3antonioberrardi4antonioberrardi5antonioberrardi6antonioberrardi7antonioberrardi8antonioberrardi9antonioberrardi10antonioberrardi11antonioberrardi12antonioberrardi13antonioberrardi14Antonio Berrardi Fall 2009 RTW Collection (Image Source: 

It has been a while since i last visited & for fashion industry updates. Most of my favourite designer picks for this FW 2009 season are based on what i knew and seen during my days back in 2000 to 2005. The long-separation was due to the extensive focus on my career & studies. Now i’m back. :D To name a few of my favourites, Alexander Dell’Acqua, Alberta Ferretti, Andrew GN, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Carlos Miele, Carolina Herrera, Chacarel, Chanel, Christian Dior, Diane Von Furstenberg, Dries Van Noten, Dolce & Gabbana, Elie Saab, Emanuel Ungaro, Fendi, Jill Stuart, Jill Sander, Givenchy, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Marni, Michael Kors, Oscar De La Renta, Paul Smith, Rebecca Taylor, Stella McCartney, Valentino, YSL. i admit that i was a bit puzzled & lost to see that there are tremendeously huge list of new & upcoming brands & designers in just a few years time.

Love the sequins construction in monochromes, furs, broad-shoulders-crop-jackets. In a glance, it somehow looked like the Balmain’s but not as edgy, instead i feel its a little bolder. Could have probably due to the wearer’s (models) size. They are not too overly emaciated. The equation for this is ‘confidence’ + ‘courage’ = ‘elegance’. : )


Favourite Fall 2009 RTW Collection (Part 2)

Posted in Designers, Models, Style by styleantagonist on May 29, 2009

dvfdvf2dvf3dvf4dvf5dvf6dvf7dvf8dvf9dvf10dvf11dvf12dvf13Diane Von Furstenberg Fall 2009 RTW Collection (Image Source:

Coats, Checks, Knits, all set & ready to go! Perfect multicolor collection to cheer your day. Today’s fall as intepreted by Diane Von Furstenberg. 

Favourite Fall 2009 RTW Collections (Part 1)

Posted in Designers, Models, Style by styleantagonist on May 28, 2009

andrewgn12andrewgn11andrewgn10andrewgn9andrewgn8andrewgn7andrewgn6andrewgn5andrewgn4andrewgn3andrewgn2andrewgnAndrew GN Fall 2009 RTW Collection (Image Source:

 Need-less for a speech. Simply stunning. Love those supersized bangle earings. 

Casual Glance

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on May 27, 2009

coatcoat2crisscrossshoeMNG Suit Checkered Coat, Black Top, MNG Black Skinny Jeans, MNG Chunky Buckle Belt, Leatheratte CrissCross Heel

A simple mix n’ match outcome from the ‘untouched’ pieces in my wardrobe.

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Light Brigade

Posted in Colors, Models, Style by styleantagonist on May 27, 2009

BridgetHall27Straight Pants: Donna Karan New York Shirred Stretch Cotton Tank Top & Stretch Pants, Hogan Bag, Hermès Watch, Calvin Klein Sandals.BridgetHall31Belted Dress: Prada Stretch Dress, Leather Bag & Shoe.  BridgetHall26Ruffles: Armani Collezioni Top & Skirt. Helmut Lang Wallet with Wrist Strap, Michael Kors Sandals.BridgetHall32Trench Coat: D&G Cotton Trench Coat, Coach Watch, Fendi Bag, Celine Slides. BridgetHall25Eyelet Top: Tom Ford for Gucci Cotton Shirt & Skirt, Tod’s Bag, Michael Kors Sandals. BridgetHall29Slim Cut Suit: Calvin Klein Stretch Cotton Jacket & Pants, Christian Dior Sunglasses, Tod’s Bag, Rafe New York Sandals. BridgetHall30Lace Pants: Dolce & Gabbana Stretch Shirt, Cotton Blend Pants & Silk Belt, Echo Scarf, Christian Dior Sunglasses, Sonia Rykiel Bag, Victoria’s Secret Lace Bra, Coach Sandals. BridgetHall28Gathered Top: Ralph Lauren Black Label Silk Georgette Top & Silk Pants, Rafe New York Belt, DKNY Bag, Sigerson Morrison Sandals.

(Scans from Vogue Australia 2002, Fashion Editor: Paul Cavaco, Photographer: Thomas Schenk, Model: Bridget Hall)

Have you ever wondered that the weather is getting very humid and hotter these days? Its happening here and i can barely stand the high humidity despite being a bright & sunny lover. We are stepping into a high global warning alert level and all of a sudden this issue has been taken into very serious concern by every party. Which is also why i suspected the drastic change in weather. The sun is burning hot, especially! Well, speaking of ‘hot’, ‘humid’, ‘heat’, it kind of reminds me of ‘hell’ :D coincidently it all starts with the letter ‘h’. Its so happen that my latest post was of my green scarf obsession from the Confessions of A Shopaholic movie. It also serve as a friendly reminder to everyone that its time for us to go green & be green! Magnificient! In order for a fresher & calmer look despite the dreadful weather, i highly reckon to go for white or bright outfit instead of dark colors.

Above are some of my favourite white collection scans from my Vogue Australia magazine back in 2002. If i am not wrong, its a gift from BlackCoffeeCrumbs for my birthday during that year.. She clearly knew that i am a Vogue Maniac.. Thanks!  i am in serious need for a memory improvement / overhaul. i am so forgetful these days. But for one thing that i am 101% sure apart from still having my basic memory is that, i have never forget to shop & spend! Ha Ha! i need a  supporter, anyone’s with me? 

‘Girl in the Green Scarf’

Posted in Colors, Designers, Inspiration, Style, Wish-List by styleantagonist on May 25, 2009

greenscarfWearing: Crimson V-Neck Top, Green Silk-Chiffon scarf (8ft in length)

The green scarf which i have been talking about lately, is finally here (though its not the real one :D )! But it has all the characteristics of the one in the movie.. It can’t go wrong, its a silk chiffon base material, anyway. It didn’t get me quite long to discover something similar to Patricia Field’s green scarf. They were selling at 80 USD over the net and i’, paying for about 23 MYR which is equivalent to 6.20 USD (exchange rate at 3.60) which is more than 10x cheaper. If i am a rich girl, i swear i would have bought the original Particia Field’s. As for now, i am only able to find a similar buy.

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Purpleholic – Purple with a Purpose

Posted in Colors, Inspiration, Style, Wish-List by styleantagonist on May 23, 2009

Lanvin Purple Ruffles COAS feverLanvin Purple Ruffle Dress (fron the movie The Confessions of a Shopaholic)coastalt5coastalt4coastalt3coastalt2coastaltWearing: Grey Trench Coat, Purple Ruffled Taffeta Top, Black Puffy Skirt (thanks BlackCoffeeCrumbs ! They’re very cool & comfy), MNG Metal Leaf-Buckled Belt, MNG Purple Leather Wedge.

Finally! Saturday is here again and i managed to put on an outfit combination, an inspiration from The Confessions of A Shopaholic movie that i recently watched. i love this movie so much because it very much reminds me as a shopaholic. More post to go on this movie inspiration.. i’m so super-excited as i have finally found the ‘Green Scarf” !

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Posted in Colors, Shoes, Style, Wish-List by styleantagonist on May 21, 2009


Wide-Brimmed Summer Hat (Image Source: Forever21), Mesh / Perforated Peep-Toe Platform Heels (Image Source: Alexander Wang), Fingy / Tentacles Ring (Image Source: Antonio Palladino)  & Accessories, Taffeta Bubble Dress (Image Source: La Perla), Cut-Out Platform Wedges (Image Source: Gianna Meliani), Flap-Top Satchel (Image Source: Salvatore Ferragamo )

Its back to black time. my wish-list for the day. Look forward for a new trip to the city soon. As usual, due to money issues, will be downgrading my options to something similar to these.

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I’m Loving It!

Posted in Celebrities, Inspiration, Style by styleantagonist on May 20, 2009

2179DLCRWeb1adrwsp9 copy2008_1217_2 copyWomenSh(Image Source: The Sartorialist)

What i love most about these pictures, besides the chic & stylish look. Picture 1: Carine Roitfeld’s job & career ( :D ) besides her coat & shoes. Picture 2: The Eyelash Fringe Skirt besides her beautifully toned legs.  Picture 3: The Red-Blazer / Coat besides her simple short hair. Picture 4: The Red Balenciaga Weekender Bag besides her beautiful feature. That’s it, i’m Loving It All & Good Luck to me!

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