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 Something caught my attention and i would like to share it with you all. As we were searching for a cake at a local bakery shop to celebrate Father’s Day last Sunday, i saw this unique bun in black coating. i could not recall what they called it so i decided to rename it ‘Charcoal Melted Cheese Bun’. Yum yum! i was not holding my digital camera at that time, i am sorry if there is loss of quality & clarity in the picture. i find it amazing though i don’t think it looked appetizing at a first glance. i should go back to the bakery some time to buy & try it out. Anyway, we bought a simple Pandan* cake for the occassion. Sorry i have totally forgotten to take a picture of it! We were so excited & hungry at that time :D i’m sure there will be plenty of chances next time. Have a nice day everyone!   

 *Pandan cake is a light, fluffy cake of Malay origins (Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines) flovored with the juices of Pandanus amaryllifolius. (Source:
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The Epitome of Fashion Design

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fmaD&G, Emilio Pucci (2nd & 3rd), Christian Lacroix, Dolce & Gabbana (All Fall 2009 RTW Collection , Image Source:


Have a nice day ahead~

Wedge without an edge?

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Another alternative shoe to the Marni Acrylic Wedge that we (me & blackcoffeecrumbs) could not afford to buy (sigh). i have already in my mind to do some minor alterations to this wedge. i am planning to cut off aproximately half to an inch of the back heel so that it will look more like the Marni wedge. But before that, i need to get myself a spare piece of this similar wedge incase experiment failure. As always, i will need to have time for that too ; ) Will keep you all posted once mission accomplished.

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Glittery Night Out.. a.k.a. the Wedding

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sequinwedinnerWearing: MNG Sequin Shift Dress, Miss Cindy Metal Embossed Bangle, Black Acrylic Bangle, Fringe Sequin Mini Dinner bag, Nose Transparent Platform Shoe.  (Make-up & Hairstyling courtesy of blackcoffeecrumbs)

Yesterday, i attended a chinese wedding dinner. Not exactly a friend of mine but an acquaintance. It was a rushed one, because it was after my part-time working hours. i normally took an hour to get myself ready with the bathing, changing, styling and grooming sessions. But yesterday.. it was too unexplainable & so hectic that i am forgetting many stuffs like make-ups, hair, dress, shoes, accessories.. wait a minute.. geez, it seems that i am totally absent minded! :D Ha ha! Yes i am infact. Thank God that i have my stylist, blackcoffecrumbs with me that time. Basically, she does up everything from head to toe for me. i usually trust her with the grooming as she has got natural instinct for good make-ups & hairstylings besides styling and designings. She opted for a natural effect look for me since my dress was glittery. i wouldn’t have made it on time without her help, thank you so much my dear sister!

[ p/s: i think i need to attend more function of this kind as i am losing the touch of such preparation & i am making a big fuss out of it too :D . i am so disorganized this time. ]

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i am sorry for the long silence. i have just remembered that i promissed my readers that i will do a post on my city purchases. The above are the accessories that i’ve bought. i have forgotten to snap a picture on those two F21 dresses as well. Umm, let me put it this way, i was interrupted with the massive errands lately. i will, as soon as i am free. Two days back, i have also purchased a coat from MNG and studded hand cuff from Padini. These, i considered as ad-hoc purchases as they were not in my waiting list for sure. The coat was an inspiration from Atlantis Home. It  looked very much alike with the one worn by Judy. i will probably match the exact piece as i am so in love with the ensemble. As for the cuff, was from mutemode’s idea & eventually it looks like Balmain’s embelished.studded shoes from a far. i hate to say this but i do realized that sometimes its good to be an extreme copycat, it keeps the brain from thinking hard for  once :D. Lastly, i would like to thank all of you who constantly & faithfully visits my blog and for your undying spirit in leaving me cool, educational & kind comments. Just to let you all know that i am a okay in accepting critics as i understand some of you might not like or go along with my taste & opinions. There is a saying, that art is very subjective. Therefore, there is no right or wrong as to which its depends on how well the outcome of a creative / artistic substance captures ones liking : )

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Favourite Fall 2009 RTW Collection (Part 8)

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Balmain Fall 2009 RTWBalmain Fall 2009 RTW2Balmain Fall 2009 RTW3Balmain Fall 2009 RTW4Balmain Fall 2009 RTW5Balmain Fall 2009 RTW6Balmain Fall 2009 RTW7Balmain Fall 2009 RTW8Balmain Fall 2009 RTW9Balmain Fall 2009 RTW10Balmain Fall 2009 RTW11Balmain Fall 2009 RTW12Balmain Fall 2009 RTW13Balmain Fall 2009 RTW14Balmain Fall 2009 RTW15Balmain Fall 2009 RTW Collection (Image Source:

Then came along the complete collection of the inspiration behind my drawings. Perfect cut and it all looks very constructible. Why haven’t anyone thought of it, in the first place? Love the placement of embelishments and its diamante stroke a very powerful message “Balmain is here to rule!”. Balmain’s coolest ever Fall collection by Christophe Decarmin. An applause for him.

Balmain Intuition

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Balmain Intuition

i am feeling very drowsy during work time last friday, due to the unfailing stacks of work and i’m already in the mood for a long weekend holiday.. So, to break free from the sleepy state, i decided to take a break. i grabbed myself a pen to sketch out any image that pops out of my tired brain that time. It has been quite some time since i last draw. Then came out these drawings, an inspiration from the Balmain’s collection that i saw in blackcoffeecrumbs some time ago. i did a little combination of bubble skirts + diamante + diamante peeptoe booties. You can also replace those diamante with metal studs for a bolder touch. Basically, i just love how the embelishments were constructed. i only managed to produce three drawings at that time and i will have more uploaded soon, if i am able too :D

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Milestone Accessories

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DSCN2323DSCN2347DSCN2325DSCN2337DSCN2334DSCN2308DSCN2319DSCN2316DSCN2286Self-made Rosary necklace DSCN2307DSCN2313DSCN2293DSCN2303DSCN2279DSCN2284Self-made wooden bead bracelets (Bottom left)

i would like to thank all of you who participated in the comment session in my last post of Accessories. i truly believe eventhough the accessories posted was a bit ‘old fashion’ we must at least own one of this similar kind simply because it a classical piece for keep. It also casually goes with any simple form of dress and completes the entire look, effortlessly.

Here are part of my accessories collected over the years that i would like to share with all of you. They are a bit flashy and outdated no doubt, but remember those are bought at the peak of trend during that time. i usually prefer my accessories to be in metal form, possibly matt effect. Sometimes i’m really in the mood for vibrant colors accessories which i felt a little embarassed to wear them on because of  my age and the surrounding that is constantly lacking of fashion concious. However, i am very  glad and pleased that some of you still appreciates hand-made accessories. As for me, i appreciates anything that is intricate because it has a substance in it.

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Violet Treasure Necklace5Violet Treasure Necklace (Image Source: Phoenix Necklace6Midnight Phoenix Necklace (Image Source:'s NecklacePhoebe’s Necklace (Image Source: Necklace5Quezacoatl Necklace (Image Source: Core Necklace5Septerra Core Necklace (Image Source: Beauty Cuff6Timeless Beauty (Image Source:  pamelalove eagle claw braceletPanela Love Gold Plated Arm Cuff (Image Source: il_fullxfull.65054743 Patricia Tager 2009il_fullxfull.11915346

Favourite Fall 2009 RTW Collection (Part 7)

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dsquared²dsquared²2dsquared²3dsquared²4dsquared²5dsquared²6dsquared²7dsquared²8dsquared²9DSquared² Fall 2009 RTW Collection (Image Source:

A common mix-matching style on its own and with a substance. DSquared² always offers a series of youthful & free-spirited collection that usually looks casual & chic.