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Favourite Fall 2009 RTW Collection (Part 4)

Posted in Designers, Inspiration, Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on June 2, 2009

cynthiasteffe14cynthiasteffe13cynthiasteffe12cynthiasteffe11cynthiasteffe10cynthiasteffe9cynthiasteffe8cynthiasteffe7cynthiasteffe6cynthiasteffe5cynthiasteffe4cynthiasteffe3cynthiasteffe2cynthiasteffeCynthia Steffe Fall 2009 RTW Collection (Image Source:

Simplicity at its peak, yet undeniably beautiful to the eyes. i needed a break from those heavy-geared collections in my previous posts :D Not quite really, my eyes never gets tired of fashion. What am i babbling about then?? The only catalyst to my tiredness was work work work nothing but work! i wished to break free from my daily work rituals, sometimes..  :D and i am going to, very soon! Just can’t wait for my trip to the city with the family ( blackcoffeecrumbs & mutemode ) though i will be missing Raven so much till that i am sure i can’t be fully concentratingon my shopping. We’re leaving her at the Vet’s hotel for a day : ( and i am starting to miss her already. That’s so pathetic! Well, its a matter of survival now, and of course i must give priority to shop! :D See ya!


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  1. arielle said, on June 4, 2009 at 23:10

    love the inspiration

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