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What is your current obsession?

Obsessions, to be precise :D i’m obsessed with almost everything that relates to women’s fashion. It’s a hard one here, however, currently shoes & anything with studs and diamante like in the Balmain’s collection.. he he!


What is your horoscope & do you relate to it?

i’m Sagittarius horror-scopic & sad to say, i don’t relate to any of it but i just read em’ for fun.


What are you wearing today?

Black Old navy Cotton T, some ol’ foldover blue denim, multiple layered necklace & flats.


What is the last thing you bought?

Um, chunky diamante ring (missed one at MNG, only bought the bracelet, so Payback time)

Glittery belts (hey, a must for Balmain obsessors)

Rafaella brown brocaded blazer (a collectibles must)

No Boundaries cropped denim (dirt cheap price, why not?)

Balmain-inspired diamante heels (you know why…)

Criss Cross Heels a Givenchy-inspired one (past-tense’s obsession)

Chanel Quilted bags in three colors-Black, Red & Purple (it’s a bingey thing)


What do you think about the person who tagged you?

Intelligent, Creative, femininely elegant and a very thoughtful person : ) That’s my sister!


What’s for dinner?

You mean yesterday? i have no idea what’s up for tonight. Had cheesy gravy pasta and we called it “cream cheese” :D.


What’s your favorite decade, fashion wise?

Oh ooo, i’m not a fashion student, so i don’t know much about eras, decades, millenniums & stuffs like that but i do love intricateness & manipulative designs with a touch of masculinity in it, don’t quite go along with the modern designs, its senseless at times.


What are your must haves for summer?

Floppy hats, sandals, shades, wooden accessories, summer dress and Oh! iced-drinks and a fan, please. :D


What would you love to be able to afford?

Nikon D2x, possibly a D3 or D3x, Nokia E71i, iPod Classic, Balenciaga & Givenchy Booties, Balmain & Marni shoes  – for myself.

Door with insulated glass, kitchen cabinets, chimney, German Sheppard – for us.


What is your favorite piece of clothing from your own wardrobe?

Well, everything is my favourite, else they wouldn’t have ended up as my pick during shopping, he he! If i have to, it will be my um.. hey it’s kinda hard here, um okay its my kind of a latest buy, MNG suit blazer, sequin shift dress and black weaved skirt.


What is your dream job?

Something pro that required some seriousness in it like in the armed force, an analyst or an engineer: D But fashion & shoe designer has always been my passion.


What’s your favorite magazine?

All the while, it has always been Vogue and some random ID, Photography & Computing mag.


What do you consider a fashion faux pas?

Definitely Velvet, spandex, pink .. i don’t know but i usually had a crisis with em.


Describe your personal style:

Simple, strong & masculine not dull definitely, must be zesty. Dislike stereotype.


Which Beatle is your favorite?

Sorry, the only name i knew was John Lennon, not familiar with the rest :D


What are you proud of?

Like blackcoffeecrumbs said, my family and their achievements to date and years to come. Yes, must have faith in God!


In return, i wish to take this opportunity to tag a few of my fellow bloggers and readers as a sign of my appreciation and gratitude towards them. It also helps me to learn & know more about them. Thanks blackcoffeecrumbs for granting this chance to me : )btb

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Have a nice day ahead everyone!



Day Trip

Posted in Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on July 26, 2009

kl3 Blogger sisters.. Featuring, BlackCoffeeCrumbs, Mute-Mode & StyleAntagonist.kl17BlackCoffeeCrumbs: Rafaella, Grey Mini-Checks Blazer, Grey Punk-Style CottonT, Black D-Squared² Skinny Jeans, Padini Faux-Gem Ring, Brown Leatherette Vintage  Jonesha Drawsrting Bag,  Grey Strappy Sandal.kl15Mute-Mode: Grey Old Navy Cotton Shirt, Black Puffy Skirt (Courtesy of BlackCoffeeCrumbs), F21 Layered Necklace, Black Leatherette Drawstring Back Pack, Black Strappy Sandalkl5me: Padini Seed Work Stripe Cotton Blouse, Lady-Like Faded Folded Jeans, Balenciaga bag, Black Criss Cross Shoekl7Was caught looking at food when i supposed t o be fasting..  He he! kl16Guilty reflex.. “No no! i was just asking the waiter for direction to the toilet..” Where’s the waiter? Gotcha!kl4Some passers-by..kl2Seed Work Striped blouse & Multiple Layered Necklaces.kl9Street walkers. Papa beside Wendy of blackcoffeecrumbs & Ivy of mute-mode tailing at the back while sms-ing (yawn) againkl10As i walked, i came across this amazing Spikey bag.. i’m not sure whether i like spikes idea. Looks like a Durian to me.kl14kl12At the side of the so-called High Court. Its getting dark when we left the bazaar marketplace.kl11Traffic congestion, is a common thing in big cities. i’d prefer countrysides. That HWD 1307 is belongs to Howard who lives in 1307 Street :D ha ha! i love picking on initials and name it after my imagination..kl8 Thinking of the bakery shop, again.. Love the Sardine Puffs.. Should have just buy it just now, since i’ve been caught for staring at it seeminglessly.. (sigh)kl6One of the shops that we visited, selling wierd stuffs.. mostly horror ones :DklBlack Criss Cross Shoe (What i called the Givenchy-inpired booties from my previous post here)

 Finally back to home, its still the best place on earth (for me). H.O.M.E. i wonder if anyone could unleash the meaning of it. i have in mind Heaven On Man’s Earth :D LOL! No matter how pathetic it may sound, its still the best phrase i could figure out. Okay, so that’s the shoe that i’ve been talking / blogging about in my last Givenchy, Please.. Hope you all have had a great time and thanks to those of you who are new & to those who had been consistently posted some comments! Really appreciate it a lot! You’re my motivation for this blog to be alive till today :D !


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Currently listening to Sleeping At Last – Quicksand and Nocturne by Maxim. Feeling empty inside. Yawn…

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satsat2sat3Wearing: Crimson Annapianura V-neck sheer top, MNG Tokoyo pants, Padini twisted metal mesh necklace, Floppy Hat, Pream plastic suede heels

A wardrobe spin over the weekend and here’s the outcome. Thanks to Ivy for helping me with the camera.

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Zudden-Drizzle Zunday

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on July 19, 2009

rainyout2rainyoutWearing: LadyLike cotton vest , Old Navy sleeveless drawstring top, Series white cotton sleeveless top, Weekenders  shorts, Chanel-inspired red-faux-leather handbag, Nose flats.

Spent my Sunday with Wendy & Ivy running some errands and back to our base at lunch hour. The weather was so unpredictable lately. i wasn’t hoping for a gloomy weather and was rather supprised that all of a sudden drops of rain came pouring down but for a short while. Here’s what i wore. Not quite in the mood to play dress up, sorry!

Collectibles (Part 2)

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The conversion

Posted in DIY, Inspiration by styleantagonist on July 17, 2009

layerednecklacebeltWearing: Layered Chain Metal Belt as Necklace, Old Navy cotton-T, Weekenders  shortslayerednecklacebelt2

This chain belt was bought in year 2000 or 2001 when i was so madly in love with metal layering belts. i have never wear it before because i couldn’t fint any suitable occasion to match it with.. Recently, i came across it when i saw the layered necklace worn by Wendy, Ivy & Hanh . i was even troubled for not buying it at the F21! i was so desperate for one until i came up with a kind-of brilliant idea to convert my layered metal chain belt into a layered metal necklace.. It was not as good as the F21’s but its still a layered necklace..

Givenchy, please…

Posted in Inspiration, Shoes, Wish-List by styleantagonist on July 14, 2009


Givenchy obsession. What more to say? Discovered a shoe at a local fashion store that has a similar element from the Givenchy shoes above. Have had a plan in mind to purchase it today. Love the cutouts & its overlapping straps and the protruding back of its heels. These are the points that has got my attention in the first place, plus it is black in color.  Hopefully, i am not too late.. Will share it in my upcoming post if i managed to get it on time.

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In dreams

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As you go further, you will notice that this will probably be my longest post due to its lengthiness.. Now that i am warning you, don’t be fooled as they are not an interview sessions by other blogger or vice versa but merely a text of what my comments will be for the collages.. These are a few of my all-time favourite stuffs. What driven me to do a collage on this? BlackCoffeeCrumbs as usual… i was visiting her blog yesterday and discovered that it was indeed a good idea to share with all my fellow readers on what are my inspirations and likings. So, here goes…

Window displays – Love to see how creative minds put together pieces of artwork into display… You’ll be supprise to see the numerous creative sets of display, especially during festive & sale seasons! i especially love to see the word “SALE” :D its a powerful word indeed. It even makes a dull window display looks attractive magically & instantly!

Morning dew – Represents freshness and a breath of new life into the day. Especially when i am broke & stress.

Citric juices – Oh! anything that has to do with citrus & sourish drinks will be my favourtie. Especially plum juice! No doubt about that.

Grillings – Anyone who loves to eat, loves grilled stuffs.

Breeze – Strong breeze blows away bad mood, i believe. Even better if its a tornado.

Western cousines – my only way to prove that i am not a China man :D

Universities – That’s where i am put to the test or at least to keep my brain active constantly. You can’t afford to fail any test, else there goes our money! Not just that, i totally love the life in tertiary education.

Vectors – State of art in digital designs. A must for every graphic designers.

Doughnuts – Though i am nuts, i still love doughnuts.

Gift wrapping – The only form of origami that i can master, thank you.

Golden girls – i have always in mind that if ever i’m not married so does my sisters, would love to live the life of the golden girls. Its fun! Me as Dorothy, Wendy as Blanche, Ivy as Rose & mom as Sophia! Oh man, that’s hillarious!

Pistachios – Sad to say, that’s the only nuts i love to eat.

Mocha Frappuchino – Who doesn’t love a frap, is not an organism.

Dream Company – A firm that pays you to enjoy yourself & i am still sending my resume to them from time to time. Haven’t given up yet. Not that soon. Cool company!

German Sheppard – i knew its odd to say this since i’ve already owned a Rotty.. but my very first pick before this would be this breed.

Neat home – Nothing compares to a house with neat garden and interiors. i love my house to be neat & tidy simply because i have an extremely sensitive heart that somehow links to my nose as well.

Town house – If i am single, i would rent / buy a town house & live by my own and probably have a party with family & friends once a while.

iPod Classics – i have owned a Nano, now its time for an upgrade to a Classic one :D i hope my boyfriend reads this, Oh no no, i’d prefer God, He’s more efficient & effective in such provisions, Amen!

Feasts – That’s where all the food are. Will never go out of supplies for food whenever there is feast.

Patio – Spend my evening sitting on a couch having a cup of tea or coffee and chatting with my loved ones.

Money – $$$ Money is important these days, can’t afford to not having or loving them no matter what :D

Kitchen with an island – This is what i called the “Hot-Spot” because its the perfect place to gather everyone to talk while having some snacks or whatever that’s left on the island. Even anything from the chopping board can do good and better still, “fresh from the chopping board to the mouth!” LOL!

Falling in love – Love is a powerful feeling & falling in love is the greatest experience that one can ever been through. Just give me all the good things that occured in a relationship, not the bad ones (No thanks).

Camera – Started to love cameras since the existence of digital ones, used to operate SLRs but never had the chance to appreciate it to the extend. DSLRs are far more convenient for skill-less lazy modern age people, like me.

Caramel popcorn – i can practically live by feeding on popcorns. They are simply delicious, fun & light-weight.

Tulips – The most simplest form of floral, less complicated, yet beautiful.

Greeneries – Give me a field of grass & i can sleep on it effortlessly. 1, 2, 3, Z z z z :D

Happy Family – My Wife & Kids + Family Matters = Favourite Family

Cup of coffee – i am a caffeine addict therefore i should use a Dior Addict perfume.

Baking – Besides savoury cooking, i love baking as much too. i always dream of baking a white cake with lots of cream.

Walk in the park – Wouldn’t be more perfect if its not accompanied by Raven or my loved ones. They are good source of motivation to journey the walk together even its only a mile (Gosh, no wonder i have a pair of chunky thighs!)

Greece – Other than Spain or Italy, my latest holiday obsession is Greece because of their buildings topography, its so fun! i could imagine myself jumping from one block to another like how Jason Bourne did in the Bourne Ultimatum movie :p

Fillet-O-Fish – Ahhh, after having those multiple jumps, i’ll have this for my break time pluss my plum juice.. So refreshing & energizing!

Sweaters – After taking a shower, its always best to wear a sweater as it gives the comfy feel & ease off all chills.

Coffeebean – The aroma is soothing and calm, imagining myself sitting on a couch in my hall room with my sweater on, after bath. Place my laptop on my lap and there goes, i’m feeling the heat from my laptops battery and the wires are tangled up with each other, the mouse, the power cord, the USB hub cord … ArrrrrGh!!! Which is why i hate it when i don’t have a proper workstation to do my work.

Personal Workstation – So i moved my laptop & its peripheral devices to my workstation and i’m feeling organized. So i better stop here..

That’s about for today… Thanks for dropping by and i really appreciate your time spent on my blog & for those whom faithfully visiting i would like to say a BIG THANK YOU! See you all again! Adios~

Appreciation Meal

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menureservation Table for 30lightinginterior2interior InteriorprawnSo called Prawn Cocktail, no idea what it is called…meal set Now, that i can tell is that the only thing i know is the Tempura :D No idea what this meal is called again.wasabiWasabisushiSushies for the whole team…greenteaHealth tea, the Green Tea…californiahandrollCalifornia Handrolls for me & my colleague…blackpeppersalmonbentomy Black Pepper Salmon Bento…friedseaweedAttack of the Fried Seaweed!sendonoya

A treat at a local Japanese restaurant.A reward treat for a movie & a meal was given to us by the company as a mean of appreaciation. We took this golden opportunity to dine at a local Japanese restaurant Sendo Noya, after watching Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen. There are aproximately 30 of us all together. We had a heartful dinner and boy! it was a filling one! i felt my waist espanded to 32 inches after that :D Apparently, i have forgotten the name of each meals in the picture above. i only managed to recall mine, Black Pepper Salmon Bento which is common & simple to remember. i am not very familiar with Japanese food except for sushi + wasabi. So that’s it.. Also, i am sorry that i only managed to took a few pictures of the entire meal served for some reasons, i.e. table menace..

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