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Givenchy, please…

Posted in Inspiration, Shoes, Wish-List by styleantagonist on July 14, 2009


Givenchy obsession. What more to say? Discovered a shoe at a local fashion store that has a similar element from the Givenchy shoes above. Have had a plan in mind to purchase it today. Love the cutouts & its overlapping straps and the protruding back of its heels. These are the points that has got my attention in the first place, plus it is black in color.  Hopefully, i am not too late.. Will share it in my upcoming post if i managed to get it on time.

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  1. Wendy said, on July 22, 2009 at 13:48

    i saw them already huhu! can’t wait for the post on them Givenchy inspired!! :)

  2. […] Day Trip Posted in Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on July 26, 2009  Blogger sisters.. Featuring, BlackCoffeeCrumbs, Mute-Mode & StyleAntagonist.BlackCoffeeCrumbs: Rafaella, Grey Mini-Checks Blazer, Grey Punk-Style CottonT, Black D-Squared² Skinny Jeans, Padini Faux-Gem Ring, Brown Leatherette Vintage  Jonesha Drawsrting Bag,  Grey Strappy Sandal.Mute-Mode: Grey Old Navy Cotton Shirt, Black Puffy Skirt (Courtesy of BlackCoffeeCrumbs), F21 Layered Necklace, Black Leatherette Drawstring Back Pack, Black Strappy Sandalme: Padini Seed Work Stripe Cotton Blouse, Lady-Like Faded Folded Jeans, Balenciaga bag, Black Criss Cross ShoeWas caught looking at food when i supposed t o be fasting..  He he! Guilty reflex.. “No no! i was just asking the waiter for direction to the toilet..” Where’s the waiter? Gotcha!Some passers-by..Seed Work Striped blouse & Multiple Layered Necklaces.Street walkers. Papa beside Wendy of blackcoffeecrumbs & Ivy of mute-mode tailing at the back while sms-ing (yawn) againAs i walked, i came over this amazing Spikey bag.. i’m not sure whether i like spikes idea. Looks like a Durian to me.At the side of the so-called High Court. Its getting dark when we left the bazaar marketplace.Traffic congestion, is a common thing in big cities. i’d prefer countrysides. That HWD 1307 is belongs to Howard who lives in 1307 Street :D ha ha! i love picking on initials and name it after my imagination.. Thinking of the bakery shop, again.. Love the Sardine Puffs.. Should have just buy it just now, since i’ve been caught for staring at it seeminglessly.. (sigh)One of the shops that we visited, selling wierd stuffs.. mostly horror ones :DBlack Criss Cross Shoe (What i called the Givenchy-inpired booties from my previous post here) […]

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