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Sunday House Tour, A Family Outing.

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on August 30, 2009

Sunday House TourSunday House Tour (2)Sunday House Tour (3)Sunday House Tour (4)Sunday House Tour (5)Sunday House Tour (6)Sunday House Tour (7)Sunday House Tour (8)Sunday House Tour (9)Sunday House Tour (10)Sunday House Tour (11)Sunday House Tour (12)Sunday House Tour (13)Sunday House Tour (14)Sunday House Tour (15)

Its the time of the week again… house tour and indulging ourselves with excitements then sadness + disappointments (because we couldn’t afford them.. :D) That’s what we usually does almost every Sunday after having our lunch right after church. With that extra time, we usually go around viewing & admiring show houses all over the town :D So i thought of sharing with you all around the places from the house. i had them scaled down to only these as most of the pictures were kind of blurry because i was running away from the security guard and some other guests around the house.. Its a modern-based design & architectual, not really my kind of choice if i have to choose, however anyway i hope you enjoy viewing them.

Tomorrow will be an official public holiday for all of us here, Independace Day.. i’m planning on not to wake up early, tidy-up my room (especially the wardrobe), cook myself instant noodles and watching some tv programmes (hopefully they have good stuff), and go to bed early :D ha ha! Not much of activity to call it a day.. hey, its a holiday and i am going to enjoy it for there will be none after this, ughh! Have a joyful weekend everyone!


Claypot craves

Posted in Food & Dining by styleantagonist on August 29, 2009

Claypot Yee Mee (2)Claypot Yee Mee (3)Claypot Yee Mee

This is Pork Claypot Yee Mee, a chinese dish. Had it last weekend with my sisters blackcoffeecrumbs & mute-mode and gosh it was delicious! Though it actually tastes much better with anchovies & fishball based, we felt. i have a confession to made to my sisters.. to be frank, i have ordered wrongly as i thought their default serving is with anchovies & fishball. So i acted dumb for a second when the food was served.. He he! Anyway, it tastes as good as it is. As i am sharing this with you all, i am feeling hungry all over again.. Just had my dinner, 1 pc of Fish Cutlet and a slice of Tossai, an Indian dish : ) Bon Appetite everyone!

Electric Staple

Posted in Celebrities, Colors, Inspiration by styleantagonist on August 28, 2009

Little-Electric-Blue-Dress(Sources:, & Google Images)

Electric Blue as the Little Black Dress now :D i did this montage when my little sister, Pauline came by and i asked her who wears this color the best? She picked Chanel Iman… : ) As to why? She has no explanation. For me, i love them all. Especially Renee’s extreme toned legs. :D Ha ha, Enjoy!

The Hidden Truth

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on August 24, 2009

funnyquote2(Sources: & Google Images)

Its Monday, not much for a post. Just to share with you all about this quote that i found which i feel, is something very true. How about you? Any comments? :D Have a great day ahead!


Posted in Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on August 22, 2009

colorblind (2)colorblind (3)colorblindWearing Toxic Cotton Top, Papa’ s Lexi Black Mens Jeans, Urban Original Givenchy-inspired shoe.

i have just recently bought this top at our local factory outlet store. Fell in love with it the minute i saw it. Will be washing it very soon before it goes into my wardrobe for storage. Had it tested with my papa’s old jeans and my UO Givenchy-inspired shoe. Pictures snapped, just for my record next time when i am off to the town for some errands. Its very comfy and airy too. Because its the only L size available in white color. It is a perfect staple for the summertime. i am also imagining of pairing it with a denim shorts or it can be worn over a bikini too.. he he! But not for a place like here, as it is dangerous to be seen in less cloth in my town here. Alright everyone, hope you have a great coming weekend. Eat well & sleep well too.

From a Rutz’s view

Posted in DIY by styleantagonist on August 21, 2009

fromaratsviewfromaratsview (1)fromaratsview (2)fromaratsview (3)fromaratsview (4)fromaratsview (5)Date: 17082009, Time: 20:45 hrs, Venue: my room, Girl in Black: BlackCoffeeCrumbs, Girl in White: StyleAntagonist, Cameraman: Mute-Mode, Minnen Ratta by IKEA: Rutz. 

A courtesy post creatively brought to you by Mute-Mode.

Seems that its spying on us talking.. or its feeling very lonely, couldn’t talk our language? Fell free to interpret it yourself.. Enjoy!

Thanks to Ivy from Mute-Mode for these stills! :D

Cool Bright Hues

Posted in Colors, DIY, Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on August 20, 2009

coolhues-(7)coolhues-(8)coolhues (4)coolhues (5)coolhues (6)Wearing MNJ Nicole Jacket, Olive Green Men’s Sleeveless Cotton T, Padini Seed Navy Blue Bubble Skirt, MNG Double Layered Metal Necklace (converted to become a Body-con-like chain) NOSE Zipper Platform Heels

Another mix & match outfit post. Weather was bright just like the way i love it. Have to appreciate it to the max before the deadly monsoon season takes charge in end of October onwards. Summer rules for now! Have yourself the most perfect summer of the year!

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Posted in DIY, Inspiration by styleantagonist on August 19, 2009

zipper-addictionImage & DIY Source: Kate,,,

i noticed that i was not completely recovered from the zippers obsessions. Infact, i was constantly craving for stuffs with zippers months back, suppressing myself until i discovered a briliant DIY collection by stylehurricane while browsing BTW‘s blog featured in AtlantisHome‘s. Wow, that’s so encapsulated! :D That’s where it exploded and so i began collaging my favourite zippers collections. i have also discovered a site that provides a simple and practical tutorial on how to make your own zipper necklace. Thanks to OutsaPopTrashion :) Its so kind of her to share with us all of her DIYs. After going through her tutorials, i am so filled with much anxiety and planning er.. well actually dreaming to work on a zipper project soon but i firstly need to free myself up from those piles of work. Unzip, unzip!

Unzip all your problems & i am sure all of you will have a great day ahead!

Pathetically Purple Post

Posted in Colors, Style by styleantagonist on August 18, 2009

Pathetically Purple Post (2)Pathetically Purple Post (1)Pathetically Purple Post Wearing Purple Ruffled Taffeta Top, Magenta Denim Skirt, MNG Purple Leather Wedge, Roxy Floppy Summer Hat, Purple Chanel-inspired Quilt Bag

Hi everyone, this is my latest remix on purple outfit :D Last couple of months, i casually talked to my mom & sisters (blackcoffeecrumbs & mute-mode) about wearing a set of outfit consist of purple top, skirt, a pair of purple shoes since i have had a purple bag added into my bag collection. So here goes, a funny post on purple again. i know its insane, hope you all enjoy it. See you all again!


Posted in Inspiration, Style by styleantagonist on August 17, 2009


This is a tribute post to several of the many fabulous bloggers out there for their tremendous passion and contributions on ideas and style inspirations. Congratulations! More to come soon. Cheers!