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Friday Favourites

Posted in Collectibles by styleantagonist on September 25, 2009


Going through my accessories while cleaning them up and these are some of my favourites. Not much to show. i love leather bracelets and metal & wooden cuffs / bangles, chunky rings (preferably with semi-precious stones, no diamonds please). What’s yours?

Have yourself a fruitful Friday!


Lush of Luxe

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on September 21, 2009

lushofluxe5lushofluxe4lushofluxe3lushofluxe2lushofluxeWearing: Nicole MNJ Brocade Puffy Sleeve Shift Dress, MNG Metal Buckle Belt & Black Leather Pumps.

This is what i wore to church yesterday. It is new and was given to me as a gift by my dearest boyfriend. Love it so much! Wish it would be in size L so that i can leap whenever i want to :D Anyway, it fits me well. Any larger would make me looks fatter not fat. :D Good day everyone!

What makes me

Posted in Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on September 19, 2009

whatmakesmewhatmakesme (1)whatmakesme (2)whatmakesme (3)whatmakesme (4)whatmakesme (5)Wearing: MNG Suit Buttoned Canvas Coat, Castelle® Puffy Skirt, Metal Studded Belt, F21 Fringe Boots

The phrase “You always want what you haven’t got” is what makes me. i am obviously back to the old me again. i am supposed to be controlling my shopping addictions but it seems that i am not getting any better and out of control. i need help! Dear fellow readers, any tips to help me curb my compulsive shopping additions?

Flor@l Ch@rm

Posted in Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on September 17, 2009

floral21floral212floral214floral213floral215Wearing: MNG Sheer Floral Top, Pleated Tapered Pants by Castelle®, Padini Vincci Fish Ring, F21 Fringe Boots

It’s already mid of the month and going to be October very soon. i am so anxious about April next year as my boy’s sister is tying the knot. i am very careful with my food intake now as i do not want to be looking chunky on that special day and its the only time that i am able to witness a family member wedding before me :D Infact, i do hope that all my sisters get married before me, so that i can be their maid of honor like Jane in the 27 Dresses.. Tssk! There are so many thoughts on what i will be wearing on that day. i shall sketch em all up to get a clearer picture.

This floral top, i have only wore it once and its my favourite. it reminds me of Jane in 27 Dresses, again.. Ha ha! Especially the part where her sister was being proposed by George at a Mexican restaurant. Except for she’s wearing it with a skirt. i matched this with a pleated tapered pants that i recently purchase at the Castelle® e-clothing instead to give it a tougher look over chicness. They’ve got several cool stuffs there and i am crazy for the black fringe bag to go with this boots. Alright, that’s enough. No more shopping! See you guys soon & pray hard for me ya. 

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Comparison, a humans’ passtime Companion.

Posted in Style, Thoughts by styleantagonist on September 15, 2009

when comparison startswhen comparison starts (3)when comparison starts (4)when comparison starts (2)when comparison starts (5)Wearing: MNG Suit Blazer, Nicole Checks T-Shirt, Black Jeans (Blackcoffeecrumbs-Remixed), MNG Black Pumps, MNG Glassbeads Necklace, Self Designed Cocktail Necklace, Brown Patent Drawstring Bag

It might sound offending to most of us but as a matter of fact it is the truth and the truth usually hurts. Have you ever notice that almost many of us likes or indirectly comparing / competing? There are many good examples in our daily life that we can relate this with. For an instance, Facebook, Blogging and family / friends’ social gathering. You are bound to hear people boasts on what they owned, bought, achieved and some even what others do.

i have recently encountered a situation of a very close friend of mine, whom her family and relations are professionals and there goes the comparison starts.. A mixture of bittersweet symphony all together. The atmosphere was fillled with self-praises and admiration basically. Well, i am not too suprise myself, as i do compare and have relatives of this kind too. :D

Throughout their conversations, i am thinking to myself as to why people compare? Don’t they feel bad or compasionate for those who don’t even have the luxuries they own sitting there with them hearing on what they have to brag about? (ahem, that.. actually referring to me :D LOL!) It seems to me that they got a little bit carried away and are constantly seeking to get recognition from everyone. i just smile and said to myself, why don’t they make it big to the Hollywood screen or Noble award or something?

Well, indeed the Maslow Heirarchy of needs does says that Self-Esteem being the 2nd top most of all human needs. Question, do they need it till the extent? Hmm, i wonder? Anyway, just would like to add a note to it (as general rule) on what i feel about us, human beings. Good times, we boasts. Bad times, we become humble, so all of a sudden (Objective: to have other’s sympahty and to avoid helping others). Try it for yourself, i bet there will be at least 80% truth in it.

my appologies for posting a contradiction today but i feel that there should be a limit in everything we do. Don’t you feel? xOxO


Posted in Style by styleantagonist on September 13, 2009

rockgirl4rockgirl3rockgirl2rockgirlrockgirl5Wearing: Padini Seed Printed Black T, Ladylike Flared Jeans, Padini Vincci Accessories Metal Fish Ring, Forever21 Fringe Boots

Loving the feel of my new F21 fringe boots, it is so soft and i can hardly differentiate it whether it was a real or faux one. However, i noticed that there was something wrong with the construction of the heels. As if it is going to break anytime when i wore them. It seems that it has something to do with the degree and angle of it.. Too steep & tilted, i supposed? Anyway, i just love them as it is. As usual, after this you will be seeing more of this F21 shoe in my upcoming posts. :D LoL!

Alternative materialization

Posted in Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on September 11, 2009

F21 Preload (4)F21 PreloadF21 Preload (2)F21 Preload (3)F21 Preload (1)F21 Preload (5)Wearing: Oversized Kebaya, Castelle® Puffy Skirt, MNG Buckle Belt, MNG Collar Coin Chain, Forever21 Fringe Boots

An impromtu outfit post taken on the day i received my F21 shoes. i match it against the usual way people used to wear it. Converted this old traditional wear into a dress instead. It should be worn with a long pants but i replaced it with a short black puffy skirt which i bought at CastelleClothing recently. More to come soon..

Have a nice day ahead!

[ p/s: Pardon me for my hair is growing wild and even the fringe on the boots looks much better compared to it. It will not go with any formal attire anytime now and i should get a trim soonest possible. ]

100th posts – F21 Preload

Posted in Inspiration, Shoes by styleantagonist on September 10, 2009


Aaah, what a relief to witness the arrival of my Forever21 Fringe Boots today… i’m the happiest person in town today!

Have a great day and i hope your package (if any) arrived safely.. i totally understand how you feel for delayed arrival. ; )


Posted in Colors, Inspiration, Style by styleantagonist on September 9, 2009

Crayon (4)Crayon (1)Crayon (3)Crayon (2)CrayonWearing: Padini Seed Printed Top, Ladylike Jeans, Padini Vincci Bangle Ring, Balmain-inspired Studded Platform Heel

my Balmain-inspired shoe meets the jeans finally. Simple ensemble, as promised in my Balmain entourage previously. Have a nice day ahead!

Blu-Skreen Skream

Posted in Thoughts by styleantagonist on September 9, 2009


i am so thrilled to see this blue-screen error message on my laptop. Tried to fix it but with no success it kept on coming back despite several repairs and reformattings. So, i had it fixed through my colleague, Patrick whom is in the IT department. He dismantled the whole casing and did some adjustment with the chipset and ram & hd. Thank God, i have my lappie working all once again, this time with a more silent processor one it seems, which is even better. my lappie is like my life, though it is not a sophsticated one, but i can do wonders with it. i wouldn’t be able to survive without it. Who wouldn’t these days?