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Posted in Collectibles by styleantagonist on October 28, 2009


Another showcase of my several metal accessories. Love the metal pieces as it adds up some volume and seriousness to anything. my favourite being the owl ring and the bend-able bracelet as i can form it according to my liking. Happy days to you all~


Wise as an Owl*

Posted in Collectibles, Inspiration by styleantagonist on October 26, 2009


Discovered this adorable metal owl necklace in our local outlet store. To be added into my metal gear collections. And that kinda reminds me of “Hello, its time to dispose your unused accessories” Its easier to buy than to sell, don’t you feel?

Have a nice week ahead! 

Kane’s summary

Posted in Collectibles, Colors, Inspiration, Style, Thoughts by styleantagonist on October 24, 2009

christopherkaneThe thought of Christopher Kane’s designs kept on reiterating in my mind has led me to a rampage hunt for a similar obsession. After months of search, this is what i came up with… christopherkane2Yes, all into one scarf. Compressed neatly with a twist.christopherkane1Wearing: Pastarasta White Cotton Top, 3pm Denim, Printed Silk Chiffon Scarf, Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag, MNG Black Pumps.

Peace to everyone!

Post Sporadic Post

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psp (4)psp (2)the Blogger sisterspsp (3)me & younger sis, Wendy of BlackCoffeeCrumbspsp (1)me & younger sis, Ivy of Mute-Modepsp (8)The SiblingspspWith my Mother & Fatherpsp (7)The Sisterspsp (6)The Sisters with brotherpsp (9)Cantonese Style Fried Ricepsp (10)Fried Squidpsp (11)Cantonese Style Fried Ricepsp (5)Wearing: Black Tiered Dress & Tiered Vest, Vintage Earing, MNG Patent Diamente Clutch, Faux Gem ring, Bebe Stella Heel

Again, i sincerely apologize for having such disorganized posting sequence, lately. This was actually and supposedly to came in before the post entitled ‘The Fallen me’. However and unfortunately, i was pre-occupied with work matters coupled with the mentioned ‘recently-tweaked-lappie’ has gone out due to the lightning, my pictures was stuck there in the hard disk and i am unable to access it. i am pretty sure that most of you are interested to know more of this event, i mean its not like a extravagant event but you may further read it in my sister’s blog at blackcoffeecrumbs. ; ) Happy reading!

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The Fallen me

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on October 19, 2009

floralfall4floralfall3floralfall2floralfallWearing: MNG Suit Floral Flutter Neck Halter Dress, Tokoyo Blazer, Chunky Pave Diamond Ring, Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag, Nose Patent Flats

i would like to apologize to all of my beloved readers & followers for my long absence in this blog. i’m living in kind of breaking down mode due to the many disastrous things that occured to me. i have even lost my recently-tweaked-lappie & lil-old-but-works-like-a-charm modem because of the lightning : ( But, after a while with the love, help & support of God & my family, i’m back to my old self :D Amen! So, i guess you will be seeing more of my irritating post soon ; ) Ahem, i therefore welcome myself into this blog again, excuse me please.

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