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Rings & nail polishes

Posted in Collectibles, Style by styleantagonist on November 21, 2009

More rings added to my accessories collections. Was browsing through my nail polishes before i took these pictures with the rings. Thought i could put on some color to my short nails, they looked plainly raw. Somehow, each time i browse through nail polish bottles, it kinda reminds me of Christmas season. i have no idea why but it’s obviously the time of the year again, Christmas is around the corner… And it’s already a year has passed. i don’t know what i have achieved for this year except for perpetually hitting malls & online stores to release my shopping impulses (sigh) and feeling guilty and broke all over again & again, as always. A few items has been uploaded to FP for sale, do check out. Some items (correction, well most items) are just left untouched in my wardrobe, so why not just sell it off, says mum (the successful-saver-guru :D ). It hurts, but its good in the long-run. Anyways, thank you to all of you who have been faithfully tuning in & reading my same ol’ repetitive dull posts. Really appreciate it very much! Take care & have a wonderful weekend!



Posted in Style by styleantagonist on November 16, 2009


Grecian gold metal chain by CastelleClothing. i’m not actually a fan of ‘gold’ accessories / jewelry. However, i find this piece is simply antique and classic. Not overly vivid in color and perfect for any occasion. i’m just waiting for Christmas / boyfriend sister’s wedding to wear it. ; )


Posted in Style by styleantagonist on November 16, 2009

in-vest-ments4in-vest-ments3in-vest-ments5in-vest-ments2in-vest-mentsWearing: Acid wash sleveless tank, white oversized sleveless Pagoda, brown studded vest, bendable metal coil bracelet, F21 fringe boots.

Was playing with the new camera and test-fitting my newly purchased vest. Both are my precious long-term investments. For a second, i was thinking to myself that brown vest is always the safest color and will never go out of trend because of its color, it will always remain & associated with the “country-like” look and the good thing is, i can wear it all year round or whenever i like it. To be frank, i actually sounded much more like trying to calm myself down after failing to buy the black one :p. Anyway, just a note that night photography can be very tedious. i find myself hard to capture good pictures these days. Pardon me for the blurry and bad pictures… Will try to improvise on this asap. Thanks for tuning-in and for all your lovely comments. i really appreciate it very much despite my absence and lack of visit / comments on your posts ; ) Take care all of you~

Sartorialist Sunday

Posted in Inspiration, Style by styleantagonist on November 15, 2009

Sartorialist Coat5Sartorialist Coat6Sartorialist Coat4Sartorialist Coat3Sartorialist Coat2Sartorialist CoatWearing: Old Navy White Cotton Top, New Club Denim, NOSE Metal Fringe Necklace, The Sartorialist Coat, Black Drawstring bag, Birdcage Heels.

This is my Sunday church outfit. Dressed up in my new Sartorialist Coat from CastelleClothing. Definitely does have a connection with the military jackets in my previous post :D Not that i actually buy them (ahem, Nadia :D, thanks for asking.. he he!) , it will cost me a bomb and i shall no longer exist to eat & shop again! ha ha! It was a “close-to inspiration” with thousands of times cheaper.. Just love the edgy cuts.

i’d guess it was a blessed coat after all. Apparently, i suddenly became visible and was appointed to be in the participating organizing committee for the Christmas presentation for no good reason (i skipped Sunday church more often than my sisters). So here comes the headache part, i was supposed to be in the purchasing of materials simply because i am better at shopping than to plan a presentation :D i need input on this, any suggestions my fellow friends? i have in mind a short & funny sketch of Jesus birth, say maybe something more discreet like the preparation of crib and necessities. In short, the reality and common reactions of the people surroundings. i am sure that some of them must have been very restless, clumsy due to excessive excited-ness, panic attack, forgetfulness & etc.. which makes the whole picture looks more realistic. What do you think? Is it appropriate? Suggestions are welcome here. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful week ahead! Adios~

Starlet Picks

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on November 14, 2009


my recently purchased vests in grey & brown. Black one has been sold out. Ouch! Anyway, i still love them both and thought that its rather quite safe and predictable to have a black one. Yawn :O The brown has got a more contemporary look and i believe it will look good over the time… say, 10 years down the line? As for the grey one, i have no comment. Perhaps, its not as common as it seems?

Absent Winded

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on November 14, 2009


This is basically what i wore to work on Friday. Took a snapshot of it after work & dinner. Aah, soo filling! Was feeling so blank after the wake up in the morning. No idea what to wear, so i decided to put on a tee and jeans and grab a leather jacket to zest up the entire look. i was lucky to be in the production line, to be able to wear such outfit. i won’t dare to walk into office with this kind of of outfit in Marketing department. Yay, to the flexibility and tomorrow’s off day!

You too, have a nice weekend!


Posted in Style by styleantagonist on November 13, 2009

StyleAntagonist's DIY Exhibit

Such layers are a compulsory for the Fall. Finish it off with a Balmain Buckle / Multi-Zip Suede Boots or with Balenciaga Bootie / Sam Edelman’s Bootie.





Posted in Inspiration, Wish-List by styleantagonist on November 12, 2009

Image courtesy of Polywore for Net-a-Porter.comImage courtesy of Polywore for MyTheresa.comImage courtesy of Polywore for Net-a-Porter.comImage courtesy of Polywore for

i’m contemplating to purchase a studded vest and saw several from a local blog. Both designs are available in Black, Brown & Grey color. However, i was so unlucky enough the get gold of the black ones as they are immediately reserved with a blink of an eye. So, i have opted for a brown and grey respectively. Waiting for its arrival now… Hopefully it looks good.

Military Connection

Posted in Inspiration, Wish-List by styleantagonist on November 12, 2009

Image courtesy of MamasARollingSstone.comImage courtesy of ShinyStyle.tvImage courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Burberry Propsum Military-based collection

Post inspiraton has led me to a shopaholic me again… picture coming soon.

The cut-away project

Posted in DIY by styleantagonist on November 12, 2009

my first diy to begin with. Transforming this thecutawayproject2into thisthecutawayproject

Sorry for the long lost absence again, as usual got tied up with multiple work & assignments these past few months ; )