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Posted in DIY, Food & Dining, Inspiration by styleantagonist on May 23, 2010

Here’s a snapshots series of fruit tea preparation that i would like to share. i have readied them in orderly manner, it’s simple straight forward and requires no further  instructions. Except, to add sweets according to your liking. This recipe was observed by me a few months back, when i celebrated with my colleague a farewell lunch in a vegetarian restaurant. We had this tea which is the restaurant’s specialty. A recommended beverage for those weight / health watchers. Bon apetite~

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Posted in Style by styleantagonist on May 20, 2010

Finally! i am back from the strings of attachments – weddings, work, holidays, travels & so forth (that you could possibly imagine). i’m going to kick off with some of the ol’ pictures that has been caching in my memory card for at least 3 months. Here’s some past pictures of my visit to the zoo with my boyfriend, somewhere around mid February this year. It would be awkward to have these posted up here though (considering this is a fashion-blog) but wait till what suprises you at the end of this post, first suprised me either. Enjoy :D!

and what is this cow doin’ here…?


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