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Electric Staple

Posted in Celebrities, Colors, Inspiration by styleantagonist on August 28, 2009

Little-Electric-Blue-Dress(Sources:, & Google Images)

Electric Blue as the Little Black Dress now :D i did this montage when my little sister, Pauline came by and i asked her who wears this color the best? She picked Chanel Iman… : ) As to why? She has no explanation. For me, i love them all. Especially Renee’s extreme toned legs. :D Ha ha, Enjoy!


Moment of Style

Posted in Celebrities, Inspiration, Style by styleantagonist on August 15, 2009

celeb-with-style2celeb-with-style(Image Source: Google Images & The Skinny Website)

Here’s a few of the many pictures which i googled & compiled on celebrities whom i think, dressed well.  Please bear in mind that they are not my favourite celebrities, i am just merely focusing on their fashion senses at that moment only. They are so lucky to have paparazzis covering up their routine / errands pictures and get paid for having their pictures published. As for us, the so called ‘fashion bloggers’ are just dependant on our affiliates or passers by to help us with the picture snapshots :D which i find it very funny! Don’t you think? Sometimes, i wonder why am i even bother to go through the whole lot of trouble preparing for picture snapshots / candid snapshots, picture cropings & collagings and etc…. It is weird that one would do whatever it takes, for the love and pasion towards fashion. Bravo fellow bloggers out there! i salute your dedication towards the demanding fashion industry today! Keep up the good work everyone!

Movie Stills Steals

Posted in Celebrities, Inspiration, Style by styleantagonist on August 11, 2009

Samaire Armstrong2It’s Boy Girl Thing (2006) – Samaire Armstrong (Image Source: Devil Wears Prada (2007) – Anne Hathaway (Image Source: Google Images)27 Dresses3227 Dresses (2008) – Katherine Heigl (Image Source: Unknown)untitled5The Gilmore Girls Season 5 Episode 21 (2005) – Lauren Graham (Image Source: Unknown)

These are a few of my favourite movie / tv show stills. You must be wondering why? Its because i just love their outfits in the movie. Its interesting to know as much as to learn how the stylists channel their inspiration on certain character into the movie making process. Sometimes, we can get the most by watching good movies that focus on fashions and styles. i hope, well i strongly believe that you have a list of favourite stills too. Have yourself a great day ahead.

I’m Loving It!

Posted in Celebrities, Inspiration, Style by styleantagonist on May 20, 2009

2179DLCRWeb1adrwsp9 copy2008_1217_2 copyWomenSh(Image Source: The Sartorialist)

What i love most about these pictures, besides the chic & stylish look. Picture 1: Carine Roitfeld’s job & career ( :D ) besides her coat & shoes. Picture 2: The Eyelash Fringe Skirt besides her beautifully toned legs.  Picture 3: The Red-Blazer / Coat besides her simple short hair. Picture 4: The Red Balenciaga Weekender Bag besides her beautiful feature. That’s it, i’m Loving It All & Good Luck to me!

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Greed for Green

Posted in Celebrities, Colors, Inspiration, Models, Style, Wish-List by styleantagonist on May 7, 2009

goingreen6967525_1669spring2006newyork_greenmk_greenmk_green2mk_green3Michelle_greenkatie_greenKate Bosworth_greenhes_just_not_into_you_greenCamilla Belle_greenAnne Hathaway_green2Anne Hathaway_greenAshley Olsen_greenshopaholic_greenscarfnicole_greenscarf

michael korsSamaire Armstrong_greenRachel Zoe_greennicole_greennicole_green2Nicky Hilton_greenJust watched the movie, Confessions of A Shopaholic last few days.. Can’t seem to get rid of the green scarf image out of my head ever since. i am now in a serious hunt for a similar green scarf. There is something magical about the scarf that made me completely crazy for it. i just love how the fabric flows and its softness / silky-ness. The green scarf does play a major role in the movie, it somehow saves the character of Rebecca Bloomwood besides merely being a complete knockout shopaholic and a liar. Before this, i have never thought that green would look great in normal / daily outfit. Well, i was wrong and have learnt something new. Comment on the movie: A must-watch for those shopaholic out there!