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‘Girl in the Green Scarf’

Posted in Colors, Designers, Inspiration, Style, Wish-List by styleantagonist on May 25, 2009

greenscarfWearing: Crimson V-Neck Top, Green Silk-Chiffon scarf (8ft in length)

The green scarf which i have been talking about lately, is finally here (though its not the real one :D )! But it has all the characteristics of the one in the movie.. It can’t go wrong, its a silk chiffon base material, anyway. It didn’t get me quite long to discover something similar to Patricia Field’s green scarf. They were selling at 80 USD over the net and i’, paying for about 23 MYR which is equivalent to 6.20 USD (exchange rate at 3.60) which is more than 10x cheaper. If i am a rich girl, i swear i would have bought the original Particia Field’s. As for now, i am only able to find a similar buy.

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A Herve Leger Post

Posted in Designers, Models, Style by styleantagonist on May 19, 2009

herve-leger-nyfwHerve Leger New York Fashion Week  (Image Source: Fashionismo)

i can conclude that this collection has definitely got some similarities with Balmain’s. Pointed sholders, Minis with Crisscross effect. Except that they don’t have those skeletoribones + diamente platform heels to go with. Nice ones though.. 

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Posted in Colors, Designers, Inspiration, Models, Style by styleantagonist on May 18, 2009

etrospring2008rtwetrospring2008rtw2etrospring2008rtw3etrospring2008rtw4etrospring2008rtw5etrospring2008rtw7etrospring2008rtw8etrospring2008rtw9etrospring2008rtw10Etro Spring 2008 Collection (Image Source:

etrovincciVincci Accessories – Hoop Sequins Earing

Sorry for the long-lost post. Was mood-less + demotivated due excessive workload at workplace lately..  thus leading to a compulsive eating disorder : ( Just when i needed a cut down on my daily food intake, all kinds of food came to me instantly & unexpectedly, not to mention periodically too! Oh ya, the above are my latest inpiration. Thought i need some colors in my life to cheer me up & to distract me away from the food temptations. It hit me, when i first glance at the Etro Spring 2008 RTW Collection that i have had a pair of Hoop Sequins Earing from Vincci Accessories.