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Here’s a snapshots series of fruit tea preparation that i would like to share. i have readied them in orderly manner, it’s simple straight forward and requires no further  instructions. Except, to add sweets according to your liking. This recipe was observed by me a few months back, when i celebrated with my colleague a farewell lunch in a vegetarian restaurant. We had this tea which is the restaurant’s specialty. A recommended beverage for those weight / health watchers. Bon apetite~

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The sisters lunch post

Posted in Food & Dining by styleantagonist on February 24, 2010

Above all, nothing compares to the taste of mummy’s deep-fried pork patty we had on our second day of new year. It will take us some time again to have it… It only comes once in a blue moon when mummy has the cool mood to cook :-[

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Hiatal Randomness

Posted in Food & Dining, Inspiration, Sketches & Drawings, Style, Thoughts by styleantagonist on February 18, 2010

i believe most of you are aware that i’ve been for the longest break ever and felt like i’ve just recovered from a sleeping spell that has been casted on me by a lazy wicked witch. Felt quite awkward though as i’m composing this post today. Well, there’s no big excuse but to admit that i was really hooked up with so many forms of busyness both important & unnecessary activities. Sad to say, most of them are time procrastinating. Still can’t really figure out what i’ve done so far. By the time i’m done with it, was really exhausted and left with almost no time for blogging. Really apologize for that. However, as the New Year approached i’ve made a little promise to myself in trying not to conveniently neglect this blog of mine at any time again. Anyway, long story short – here are some picture collections taken from the recent lengthy time away from blogging :D Enjoy~

A small treat to me from myself on New Year’s eve…Admiring my one & only open-toe bootie…and my only leather bag…Blowing & cutting birthday cakes, perpetually reminding the victim their age and weight & later to find myself munching on the bigger piece…Bold color nail paintings, that one thing which is easily undo if not satisfactory…Bulking up on creams & sweets as if i’m not bulky enough…Christmas celebration. What is more predictable than seeing this bobbles as decorations on trees at the end of each year…Compulsive shopping again…Compulsive test fitting other than shopping…Counting dead rats for the week’s record…Detaching feathers from the F21 bull’s end necklace thinking that it might look better without it…Diet & healthy eatings minus the discipline…Dining at Stevens, they have the most dodgy yet artful way of returning customers their change…Dining out with friends hoping for free meal instead ended up going dutch…Dressing up according to themes, in this case – fringe…Switching to local cousines after having enough of westerns… eerie Christmas visit to the Turnwald’s…Enjoying the sun while it still lasted during the monsoon…Envying people who gets soft toys on special occasions though i don’t really like one… Finally got myself a pair of winged earrings… For a change, drawings instead of day-dreamings… Gift spending & wraping, a matter of fact, its easier to receive than to give. my version of saying, its also easy to wrap than to give…Gone crazy with the food in my mouth…Got my first bold paper yarn bag…Hanging out with family – Little sister & Wendy of BlackCoffeeCrumbs… Hearty gift from a close aquiantance…Here’s mute-mode aka the invisible partner throughout the city trip…Perpetually forgetting things, specifically where i placed them… Cheese binging…Imprisoning myself at home in an effort to avoid from shopping, but still ended up shopping, i have forgotten to go offline..Last minute Chinese New Year shopping is no longer a challenge, shops still opens on public holidays these days, no hurry & no worry… Lingering at F21 while i still can…Lunching with sisters – mine, iced lime tea…Mini business trip with my sisters… Condeming overpriced mini magnetos…One thing that i will always got it right – anticipating a bouquet of flower for my birthday (yawn)…Reunion dinner with family – the only time that i literally forgotten about the word ‘starvation’…Running almost all the wedding marathons in town, except mine…Self portraying for the blogging rainy days…Self posing for my idle blog and i take ages to post it out…Shooting for fun, pretending to become a cover model…Slurpings & burpings…Sneak peaking on how i look from the back…Trying out low-budget hotel rooms…Spicing up meals with super hot Peri Peri chicken…Spotted an almost look alike Murano-inspiration lamp…Stealling some lego pieces from my lil bro’s project just to irritate him…Test fitting and later on regretting for not buying…The most procastinating hobby, sleeping as usual. Picture credit to MuteMode and idea to BlackCoffeeCrumbs. Wait till i take yours…Travelling between two states, no money to go abroad…Unwrapping predictable gifts…Wondering if they have the biggest card with the smallest price…Wrestling with Raven the black nose Rottie, for no good reason…Imagining the impossible…and Watching Lion dance hoping for a blunder…

Ta ta’s-

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Post Sporadic Post

Posted in Food & Dining, Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on October 22, 2009

psp (4)psp (2)the Blogger sisterspsp (3)me & younger sis, Wendy of BlackCoffeeCrumbspsp (1)me & younger sis, Ivy of Mute-Modepsp (8)The SiblingspspWith my Mother & Fatherpsp (7)The Sisterspsp (6)The Sisters with brotherpsp (9)Cantonese Style Fried Ricepsp (10)Fried Squidpsp (11)Cantonese Style Fried Ricepsp (5)Wearing: Black Tiered Dress & Tiered Vest, Vintage Earing, MNG Patent Diamente Clutch, Faux Gem ring, Bebe Stella Heel

Again, i sincerely apologize for having such disorganized posting sequence, lately. This was actually and supposedly to came in before the post entitled ‘The Fallen me’. However and unfortunately, i was pre-occupied with work matters coupled with the mentioned ‘recently-tweaked-lappie’ has gone out due to the lightning, my pictures was stuck there in the hard disk and i am unable to access it. i am pretty sure that most of you are interested to know more of this event, i mean its not like a extravagant event but you may further read it in my sister’s blog at blackcoffeecrumbs. ; ) Happy reading!

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Claypot craves

Posted in Food & Dining by styleantagonist on August 29, 2009

Claypot Yee Mee (2)Claypot Yee Mee (3)Claypot Yee Mee

This is Pork Claypot Yee Mee, a chinese dish. Had it last weekend with my sisters blackcoffeecrumbs & mute-mode and gosh it was delicious! Though it actually tastes much better with anchovies & fishball based, we felt. i have a confession to made to my sisters.. to be frank, i have ordered wrongly as i thought their default serving is with anchovies & fishball. So i acted dumb for a second when the food was served.. He he! Anyway, it tastes as good as it is. As i am sharing this with you all, i am feeling hungry all over again.. Just had my dinner, 1 pc of Fish Cutlet and a slice of Tossai, an Indian dish : ) Bon Appetite everyone!

A Quick Post on yesterday’s lunch..

Posted in Food & Dining, Style by styleantagonist on August 10, 2009

i had this for lunch yesterday,Doughnutsthen this,Fried Rice

The doughnuts look vividly colorful. Taste wise, i would rate it 8 over 10. Not too bad because i was pretty hungry at that time. The fried rice was definitely tasty! 10 over 10. Nothing beats homecooked food plus my mum is a great cook which is why i used to be 70 kgs (154 lbs) ~ blame it on my mommah :D. i had 3 full bowls in the end instead of 1, as planned. The fried rice contains rice (of course :D), sausages, crab sticks, eggs and anything we could find in the fridge :D.  For garnishing, i sprinkled some (ahem, actually a handful) of parsley. i love my food to be garnished with crunchy vegs, onions, chillies, and lots of lots of black pepper on it. These ingredients makes the perfect plate of anything. Happy dining everyone! Eat well~

Appreciation Meal

Posted in Food & Dining, Style by styleantagonist on July 11, 2009

menureservation Table for 30lightinginterior2interior InteriorprawnSo called Prawn Cocktail, no idea what it is called…meal set Now, that i can tell is that the only thing i know is the Tempura :D No idea what this meal is called again.wasabiWasabisushiSushies for the whole team…greenteaHealth tea, the Green Tea…californiahandrollCalifornia Handrolls for me & my colleague…blackpeppersalmonbentomy Black Pepper Salmon Bento…friedseaweedAttack of the Fried Seaweed!sendonoya

A treat at a local Japanese restaurant.A reward treat for a movie & a meal was given to us by the company as a mean of appreaciation. We took this golden opportunity to dine at a local Japanese restaurant Sendo Noya, after watching Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen. There are aproximately 30 of us all together. We had a heartful dinner and boy! it was a filling one! i felt my waist espanded to 32 inches after that :D Apparently, i have forgotten the name of each meals in the picture above. i only managed to recall mine, Black Pepper Salmon Bento which is common & simple to remember. i am not very familiar with Japanese food except for sushi + wasabi. So that’s it.. Also, i am sorry that i only managed to took a few pictures of the entire meal served for some reasons, i.e. table menace..

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 Something caught my attention and i would like to share it with you all. As we were searching for a cake at a local bakery shop to celebrate Father’s Day last Sunday, i saw this unique bun in black coating. i could not recall what they called it so i decided to rename it ‘Charcoal Melted Cheese Bun’. Yum yum! i was not holding my digital camera at that time, i am sorry if there is loss of quality & clarity in the picture. i find it amazing though i don’t think it looked appetizing at a first glance. i should go back to the bakery some time to buy & try it out. Anyway, we bought a simple Pandan* cake for the occassion. Sorry i have totally forgotten to take a picture of it! We were so excited & hungry at that time :D i’m sure there will be plenty of chances next time. Have a nice day everyone!   

 *Pandan cake is a light, fluffy cake of Malay origins (Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines) flovored with the juices of Pandanus amaryllifolius. (Source:
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