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Breaching impossible

Posted in Inspiration, Shoes, Style, Thoughts by styleantagonist on March 6, 2010

Wearing Dorothy Perkins floral motives puff sleeved dress, Balenciaga inspired booties, Rimmel 260 Funtime Fuschia.

 i can impossibly imagine me wearing a real Balenciaga or Sam Edelman bootie. First, obviously it would cost me a bomb. Second, it would also cost me a bomb… Hmm. However, i suffered much a struggle in trying to get over it. Thank God that i have discovered a local online blog store that brings in ‘designer-inspired’ or ‘fashion-inspired’ shoes all the way from Korea (if i am not wrong). . i almost could not believe my eyes and was quite stunned when i first glared at these boots one night when i was browsing through the net to ease off my shopping addictions after a hard day at work that i don’t even passionate about. It’s all worth the money for now considering my financial health in an intensive care unit at stage. i always thank Him for the path in preventing me from splurging into ‘expensive-and-could-not-afford buys. i gave a thought, many many times with that thousands of bucks spent on fetish-looking-booties-that-i-know-i-would-not-even-wear-it-out-in-public-not-especially-in-a-sub-urb-name-Kuantan-except-for-blogging-purpose. Phew! :D i could do good by getting a plentiful collection of vintage dresses for myself and the many important things that i always almost forgot to do like car painting & overhaul, a decent Western cuisine family dinner treat and a problem-free handphone for my boyfriend.

i wonder, how many of us as ‘fashion-bloggers’ overindulged ourselves with designer’s-labels just to feel good about ourselves in it and in the end, ended up feeling empty and devastated all over again? And the cycle continues… Do you? As for me, yes. How do you cope with your temptations & money when it is getting out of control? Any suggestions? Tips are welcome here. Would love to hear from you. Good night & Have a nice weekend ahead!

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Post Sporadic Post

Posted in Food & Dining, Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on October 22, 2009

psp (4)psp (2)the Blogger sisterspsp (3)me & younger sis, Wendy of BlackCoffeeCrumbspsp (1)me & younger sis, Ivy of Mute-Modepsp (8)The SiblingspspWith my Mother & Fatherpsp (7)The Sisterspsp (6)The Sisters with brotherpsp (9)Cantonese Style Fried Ricepsp (10)Fried Squidpsp (11)Cantonese Style Fried Ricepsp (5)Wearing: Black Tiered Dress & Tiered Vest, Vintage Earing, MNG Patent Diamente Clutch, Faux Gem ring, Bebe Stella Heel

Again, i sincerely apologize for having such disorganized posting sequence, lately. This was actually and supposedly to came in before the post entitled ‘The Fallen me’. However and unfortunately, i was pre-occupied with work matters coupled with the mentioned ‘recently-tweaked-lappie’ has gone out due to the lightning, my pictures was stuck there in the hard disk and i am unable to access it. i am pretty sure that most of you are interested to know more of this event, i mean its not like a extravagant event but you may further read it in my sister’s blog at blackcoffeecrumbs. ; ) Happy reading!

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What makes me

Posted in Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on September 19, 2009

whatmakesmewhatmakesme (1)whatmakesme (2)whatmakesme (3)whatmakesme (4)whatmakesme (5)Wearing: MNG Suit Buttoned Canvas Coat, Castelle® Puffy Skirt, Metal Studded Belt, F21 Fringe Boots

The phrase “You always want what you haven’t got” is what makes me. i am obviously back to the old me again. i am supposed to be controlling my shopping addictions but it seems that i am not getting any better and out of control. i need help! Dear fellow readers, any tips to help me curb my compulsive shopping additions?

Flor@l Ch@rm

Posted in Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on September 17, 2009

floral21floral212floral214floral213floral215Wearing: MNG Sheer Floral Top, Pleated Tapered Pants by Castelle®, Padini Vincci Fish Ring, F21 Fringe Boots

It’s already mid of the month and going to be October very soon. i am so anxious about April next year as my boy’s sister is tying the knot. i am very careful with my food intake now as i do not want to be looking chunky on that special day and its the only time that i am able to witness a family member wedding before me :D Infact, i do hope that all my sisters get married before me, so that i can be their maid of honor like Jane in the 27 Dresses.. Tssk! There are so many thoughts on what i will be wearing on that day. i shall sketch em all up to get a clearer picture.

This floral top, i have only wore it once and its my favourite. it reminds me of Jane in 27 Dresses, again.. Ha ha! Especially the part where her sister was being proposed by George at a Mexican restaurant. Except for she’s wearing it with a skirt. i matched this with a pleated tapered pants that i recently purchase at the Castelle® e-clothing instead to give it a tougher look over chicness. They’ve got several cool stuffs there and i am crazy for the black fringe bag to go with this boots. Alright, that’s enough. No more shopping! See you guys soon & pray hard for me ya. 

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Alternative materialization

Posted in Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on September 11, 2009

F21 Preload (4)F21 PreloadF21 Preload (2)F21 Preload (3)F21 Preload (1)F21 Preload (5)Wearing: Oversized Kebaya, Castelle® Puffy Skirt, MNG Buckle Belt, MNG Collar Coin Chain, Forever21 Fringe Boots

An impromtu outfit post taken on the day i received my F21 shoes. i match it against the usual way people used to wear it. Converted this old traditional wear into a dress instead. It should be worn with a long pants but i replaced it with a short black puffy skirt which i bought at CastelleClothing recently. More to come soon..

Have a nice day ahead!

[ p/s: Pardon me for my hair is growing wild and even the fringe on the boots looks much better compared to it. It will not go with any formal attire anytime now and i should get a trim soonest possible. ]

100th posts – F21 Preload

Posted in Inspiration, Shoes by styleantagonist on September 10, 2009


Aaah, what a relief to witness the arrival of my Forever21 Fringe Boots today… i’m the happiest person in town today!

Have a great day and i hope your package (if any) arrived safely.. i totally understand how you feel for delayed arrival. ; )

Delayed obsession

Posted in Inspiration, Shoes by styleantagonist on September 5, 2009

opentoeinspmylateconfessions(Foreground: Alexander Wang Alexis Leather Fringe Boots Background: Forever21 Fringe Boots)

It has been a while and i can no longer stand the crave for a fringe + opentoe platform booties. To be honest, it is quite a past tense thingy. But i don’t care. There are just too may shoes that caught my attention but i’m not attracting any money into my pocket. (sigh) With the budget constraint, i really need to plan my shopping list properly.

i basically wanted an opentoe shoe, like the Givenchys’. Their opentoe shoes offers the best look ever. All the shoes that i have now are ‘peeptoed’ :D (i am not sure whether this word existed, pardon me..) And i am into something fringy as well. In other words, Alexander Wang’s Alexis shoe fits the requirements. 

However, due to the constraint mentioned, i have briefly thought of a perfect combination of both the elements in one shoe with a cheaper price, that is the Forever21 Fringe Boots.. So here i am now, finding every single online store that still selling this. i have seen it selling online in F21 begining of this year but they do not offer shipment to Malaysia (what a thing) F21 in Malaysia doesn’t bring in this item unfortunately. i have no choice but to see it all sold off like hot cakes.

Recently i ebayed and saw 2 pairs available which of my size. Got to pray hard to get it this time! Wish me luck, wait a minute.. i need blessings to get it, no more luck this time. :D Once i’ve got it, it will be my immediate staple shoe for my entire outfit! Ha ha ha! Good night & have a nice rest everyone!


Posted in Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on September 4, 2009

Its been a whileIts been a while (2)Its been a while (3)Its been a while (4)Wearing: MNG Top, Old Black Jeans (Blackcoffeecrumbs-Remixed, Skinny Jeans), Brown Leatherette Belt, Nose Magnetic Cuff, MNG Suit Leather Heels

i don’t know why but the word ‘Mesopotanian’ kept appearing in my head over & over specifically when i created this post. Maybe i am being obsessed with the word for a moment and needed to exit this post as soon as possible to flush it off. Ha Ha! Have a great day ahead!

Wardrobe Finds

Posted in Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on September 2, 2009

Express Outfit Post (2)Express Outfit Post (3)Express Outfit Post(Wearing: Thrift Sheer Dress, Thin Brown Leatherette Belt, Velvet Angels Tootsie Shoe)

i have recently browsed through my wardrobe and discovered this thrift dress which i bought years back but never have the chance to wear it due to its sheerness. i am unable to wear anything made of  high transparency fabric. i think i am a total insane. Anyways, have a wonderful day~


Posted in Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on August 22, 2009

colorblind (2)colorblind (3)colorblindWearing Toxic Cotton Top, Papa’ s Lexi Black Mens Jeans, Urban Original Givenchy-inspired shoe.

i have just recently bought this top at our local factory outlet store. Fell in love with it the minute i saw it. Will be washing it very soon before it goes into my wardrobe for storage. Had it tested with my papa’s old jeans and my UO Givenchy-inspired shoe. Pictures snapped, just for my record next time when i am off to the town for some errands. Its very comfy and airy too. Because its the only L size available in white color. It is a perfect staple for the summertime. i am also imagining of pairing it with a denim shorts or it can be worn over a bikini too.. he he! But not for a place like here, as it is dangerous to be seen in less cloth in my town here. Alright everyone, hope you have a great coming weekend. Eat well & sleep well too.