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Me in Black

Posted in Colors, Inspiration, Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on May 30, 2009

blackWearing: MNG Embroided Torn Chiffon Sleeveless Top, MNG Lace Ruffle Skirt, Bebe Stella.gothblack3Closeup: MNG Embroided Torn Chiffon Sleeveless Topgothblack2Closeup: MNG Lace Ruffle Skirtblack2Wrapup of entire outfit in alternate angles.Libertine Lace Ruffle Skirt Libertine Lace Ruffle Skirt – 39.90 USD (Image Source:

i have just noticed that all my outfit attempts were never in Black. So, i decided to break the norm by putting on some black pieces that has been trapped in my wardrobe for ages :D i can almost hardly find these pieces as they deeply sunk into the bottom most of the stack.. Furthermore it is black in color & it easily camofloushes with the rest of the black outfit. The reason i picked this combination because i am in the mood for frills, ruffles, lace and heavy embroideries that gives the entire look a feel of gothic / haute fashion-like experience. The skirt was similar with what has offered – Libertine Lace Ruffle Skirt for 39.90 USD. Whereas mine was bought at MNG at a 70% slashed price, 49.oo MYR ~ 14 USD (@ 3.5 conversion rate). i knew that the ruffles were not too dominant to create the effect but it was close. i am not a fan of silky-effect-fabrics as you can see from the picture that the top were made of satin-like fabric covering the chest area, i would prefer it to be matt effect (chiffon, cotton, or anything besides glossy fabric) if possible. So that it adds up enough amount of energy & seriousness into the entire ensemble. i then pair it with my Bebe Stella shoe, sorry i have forgotten to take a close-up for this :D In case you’re wondering, you can see it here. Thank you for those who visited & viewed my blog. i appreciate it. See you all again.


The arrival of Stella

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on April 18, 2009

dscn0602-copydscn0645-copyWas very happy to received the Bebe Stella shoes that i’ve ordered a few weeks back. Have them tested immediately after work. Felt & looked like a supermodel on the runway (though i’m not qualified) :D i will have them paired with a more appropriate outfit in a few days to come.. Sorry too for the low quality picture taken, was quite in a hurry when i took them today. As for now, i will be taking a short break to settle some stuff. Will be back aproximately early next week the earliest.

[ p/s: Pardon me for the scaly legs :D its been like this all these while, bad genetics i’d guess ]

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Yellow, the attention seeker.

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on April 17, 2009


Stereotypically speaking, most of us would relate the color ‘Yellow’ to some construction boots, raincoat, fire-hydrant or even mustard. Yellow could sometimes be hideous if not carefully used or applied due to the fact that its very eye-catching. Some of us, especially designers and attention-seeking-celebrities might like the idea of being noticeable by creating a new look or simply putting on a vividly bright color outfit, shoes or accessories. However, those of the above do make a good fashion statement and i call it ‘Bold & Stunning’. Lastly, not forgetting the shoes, Michael Kors, Marni, Christian Dior & Bebe produced a dreadfully-attractive design with those color and they played the game well. Bravo!