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Fashion proverbs

Posted in Style, Thoughts, Wish-List by styleantagonist on February 22, 2010

my outfit proverbs for 2010:

  • Go vintage
  • Strictly no velvets
  • Be more couture-ristic
  • Explore every style possible
  • Be adventurous of animal prints & motives
  • Enrich with vividly bold colors (Green, purple, pink, orange & etc.)
  • Be courageous, confident, poised & wear it with right attitude
  • Cut down on plus / over-sized outfits
  • Think new outfits, less of copying
  • Reinvent, recycle innovatively
  • Lastly, maintain the zestiness


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I’m Loving It!

Posted in Celebrities, Inspiration, Style by styleantagonist on May 20, 2009

2179DLCRWeb1adrwsp9 copy2008_1217_2 copyWomenSh(Image Source: The Sartorialist)

What i love most about these pictures, besides the chic & stylish look. Picture 1: Carine Roitfeld’s job & career ( :D ) besides her coat & shoes. Picture 2: The Eyelash Fringe Skirt besides her beautifully toned legs.  Picture 3: The Red-Blazer / Coat besides her simple short hair. Picture 4: The Red Balenciaga Weekender Bag besides her beautiful feature. That’s it, i’m Loving It All & Good Luck to me!

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A Herve Leger Post

Posted in Designers, Models, Style by styleantagonist on May 19, 2009

herve-leger-nyfwHerve Leger New York Fashion Week  (Image Source: Fashionismo)

i can conclude that this collection has definitely got some similarities with Balmain’s. Pointed sholders, Minis with Crisscross effect. Except that they don’t have those skeletoribones + diamente platform heels to go with. Nice ones though.. 

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Sea Cucumber Cocktail

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on April 8, 2009

hobbycraft-2Made of: Red-Orangey, Navy Blue, Olive Green, Light Green, Grey, Sky Blue & Light Brown Swarovski bicone beads + Dark Brown seed beadshobbycraftMade of: Purple + Grey glass bicone beads 

 i have finally finished constructing my own bracelets made from the excess Swarovskis and glass beads that i have last time. i do not have them in complete pairs of Swarovski bicones to construct a symetrical / linear color sequencing, so i have them mixed based on the idea of  a cocktail. Whereas the other one was made using glass beads but with a more intricated twist added into it. Used shades of purple + grey tone beads for this. Here’s the end result and don’t ask me why i named this post a ‘Sea Cucumber Coctail’.