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Posted in Style by styleantagonist on April 29, 2009

MOODBOARD The Romantism of Violet Bridal – Purple used as primary colorconcepta3-copy Jackie-O  the Idol Theme (Bold & Elegant) – 3 main colors are used in this design i.e. Black, Grey & Red. Ivy modelled for the Evening Wear (2nd last outfit from the above drawing) whereas me, casually taking the usual wear.. the casual wear again.. :D (1st outfit ) and another friend of Wendy took the Coctail Dress (2nd outfit)evening_casuala4-copy The Renaisance Theme with a touch of local ‘Batik’ motives. Black & White as primary color.eveninga4-copyThe Renaisance – Evening Wear. The monotone frills in between are silk Batik. i simply love the flow o the frills. They’d looked like octo-frill-dress!casuala4-copyThe Renaisance  – Casual Wear. The Batik element in this outfit is clearly hidden as a pleat at the back of the outfit. Simple & suprising! i have my NOSE Criss Cross Black Patent Platform to match with this outfit.  We were thinking of pairing them with some extravagant shoes, something strappy, gladiatorish but very unfortunate of us as the shoe options here are extremely limited so we just have to go with what we have.. (sigh)avanta4-copyThe Renaisance  – Avant Garde. Now this is what i call the main dish of the day! i totally fell in love with this piece though i am not able to visually see it in real life and feel it with my hands. i love the hidden Batik pleat on the chest part  especially. Those fabric looks extravagant. Nice piece!triumpha3-copyTriumph Inspiration Award  2008 (1st Runner-up) Wendy won herself 2nd place for this competition. The champion for this participated in the Beijing Triumph Design. A Japanese won 1st place for that.. with her Futurustic lingerie.

Chatted with Wendy of blackcoffeecrumbs yesterday and we happen to talked about how we used to draw during our childhood days. We will sit down and draw short stories / sketches of teenage life, cartoons or just simply draw what’s popped out in our heads during our free time. It is in our teenage years that we started to develop interest on designing outfits and less of sketches on teenage storylines & etc :D i remembered we do have a book on our designs. Got to find it and will surely post them once i’ve found them. In case your are wondering, the above drawings are by Wendy. These are her fashion design projects. Later had them tailored to fit the actual model.. and Ivy and i were one of them :D (tSsK!) Still prefer to be a designer rather than a model. Model just not me. Speaking of models, Ivy are always our top pick when comes to catwalk presentation. As you can see, she appeared in most of the pictures taken. There are more but at the moment i only have these for keep, will have to get the rest from Wendy soon. And oh! i just remembered that i once thought of planning to do a post on beautiful, fit and eligible models soon due to the news on models being extremely thin. That’s for now, thank you for your time & have a nice day ahead!