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Roar it loud

Posted in Style, Thoughts by styleantagonist on February 20, 2010

Wishing everyone a blessed Chinese New Year. :-]

Wearing Printed beast tank over Pastarasta white top (sleeveless is prohibited at work), 3pm denim & Cotton on flats. Ever since Christopher Kane beast prints shirt / dress are made popular amongst the fashion blogger industry; similar concepts are found everywhere these days, the only thing different is with the prints. On a lighter note, this flat is very flattering but humidifying at the same time. It is not recommended for long hours of outdoor use due to its poly-material type which is the source of poor ventilation. The heat from my feet is trapped thus causing an unpleasant odour (ugh, you know what). This has also been confirmed by Mute-mode who is also having this similar problem. It is best for air-conditioned indoor wearing.

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Cool Bright Hues

Posted in Colors, DIY, Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on August 20, 2009

coolhues-(7)coolhues-(8)coolhues (4)coolhues (5)coolhues (6)Wearing MNJ Nicole Jacket, Olive Green Men’s Sleeveless Cotton T, Padini Seed Navy Blue Bubble Skirt, MNG Double Layered Metal Necklace (converted to become a Body-con-like chain) NOSE Zipper Platform Heels

Another mix & match outfit post. Weather was bright just like the way i love it. Have to appreciate it to the max before the deadly monsoon season takes charge in end of October onwards. Summer rules for now! Have yourself the most perfect summer of the year!

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Express Outfit Post

Posted in Inspiration, Style by styleantagonist on August 16, 2009

laundry (1)laundrylaundry (2)Wearing Padini Seed Work Stripe Cotton Blouse, Weekenders Shorts, Black Criss Cross Shoe

Was just playing around mix matching. Feeling very bored. Geez, styling can be fun but the cleaning up & preparation kills! Especially when pulling out an outfit from the stack of clothes in my wardrobe, i always ended up pulling out two or more at a time. Seriously need a computerized wardobe organizer with an index for easy and fast reference, thus producing a matrix combination within every single piece of outfit to cut down the mix-matching time :D (That’s very useful especially in the morning, instead of standing in front of the wardrobe thinking what to wear to work, church & etc.) Most of my clothes are organized and utilized in LIFO (Last in, First Out) system as i am very lazy to take from the bottom most :D. Sorry, i tend to treat my wardrobe like the computer file allocation system, i wish i could someday. Happy day!

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Glittery Night Out.. a.k.a. the Wedding

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on June 21, 2009

sequinwedinnerWearing: MNG Sequin Shift Dress, Miss Cindy Metal Embossed Bangle, Black Acrylic Bangle, Fringe Sequin Mini Dinner bag, Nose Transparent Platform Shoe.  (Make-up & Hairstyling courtesy of blackcoffeecrumbs)

Yesterday, i attended a chinese wedding dinner. Not exactly a friend of mine but an acquaintance. It was a rushed one, because it was after my part-time working hours. i normally took an hour to get myself ready with the bathing, changing, styling and grooming sessions. But yesterday.. it was too unexplainable & so hectic that i am forgetting many stuffs like make-ups, hair, dress, shoes, accessories.. wait a minute.. geez, it seems that i am totally absent minded! :D Ha ha! Yes i am infact. Thank God that i have my stylist, blackcoffecrumbs with me that time. Basically, she does up everything from head to toe for me. i usually trust her with the grooming as she has got natural instinct for good make-ups & hairstylings besides styling and designings. She opted for a natural effect look for me since my dress was glittery. i wouldn’t have made it on time without her help, thank you so much my dear sister!

[ p/s: i think i need to attend more function of this kind as i am losing the touch of such preparation & i am making a big fuss out of it too :D . i am so disorganized this time. ]

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Posted in Colors, Inspiration, Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on June 9, 2009

stripes9stripes5stripes8stripes7stripes6stripes4stripes3Wearing: Old Navy Oversized Stripe Cotton Blouse, Black Puffy Skirt (a gift by BlackCoffeeCrumbs !), MNG Light Brown Leather Belt, Padini Seed Zipper Clutch, F21 Black Silk Scarf, Hand-made / D-I-Y Ring, Velvet Angels Tootsie Platform Bootie.

i have noticed that i am casually straying away from being visibly in black / dark outfits, again. People said that one can never go wrong with Black & White outfit. Some might said that these colors are very safe but at the same time, dull. As a matter of fact, i agree with both the arguments. So i have added a touch of brown shades in to this ensemble. Plus, a DIY ring that i have recycled from an unused faux turquoise bracelet last year. And oh, i will try to find time to publish my recent shopping items. You should be able to see blackcoffecrumbs’s & mute-mode’s pretty soon.

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East Indies

Posted in Colors, Inspiration, Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on June 8, 2009

indie6indie4indie3indie5Wearing: Flourish  motives Oversized Silk Top, Black Puffy Skirt (a gift by BlackCoffeeCrumbs !)MNG Orange Leather Belt, G2 PVC Blue Clutch, NOSE Pumps.

i’m back! And feeling even happier and excited than before. The trip was upside down and disastrous because at the very last minute i called out the plan to place Raven at the Vet’s hotel… i can’t imagine her being there all lonely, miserable and scared. All right, that’s enough. Let’s skip that part, shall we? Okay, my shopping items are: F21 Brocade Knee Length Tube Dress, Brown Tafetta with Front Top-Bottom Zipper Dress (both from the bargain buy section, so worth while! :D ), Black Silk Scarf, G2 Blue Clutch, Chameleon Faceted Faux Diamond Ring and Diva Golden Coiled Snake Arm Cuff. Almost bought the MNG Platform Shoes with Leather Strap but there was no size 8, unfortunately. Though my feet can easily fit a size 7, i preferred all my shoes to be 1 size bigger so i won’t be looking like a giant trying to squeze into a small shoe —> a.k.a. Cinderella’s step sister :D So basically the trip was so messed up till me, blackcoffeecrumbs & mute-mode was so disatisfied with our shopping lists. We missed most of the things due to insufficient time and interruption caused by Raven…

Since i am off from work today, the outfit above is an expression of my feeling, freedom & liberty.

[ p/s: pardon me for the 1st two pictures with low-quality resolution, due to insufficient lighting :p ]

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Dressing up game

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on April 13, 2009

testWearing: U2 sheer floral spagethi strap dress, Nicole MNJ Light Brown jacket & Urban Original Givenchy-inspired shoe boots

 Put on an old U2 dress i brought back in year 2000 when i was in college. Honestly, i have never wear them before and it is still brand new till to date. Have it paired with a Nicole MNJ Vest to go with its color.

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