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Flor@l Ch@rm

Posted in Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on September 17, 2009

floral21floral212floral214floral213floral215Wearing: MNG Sheer Floral Top, Pleated Tapered Pants by Castelle®, Padini Vincci Fish Ring, F21 Fringe Boots

It’s already mid of the month and going to be October very soon. i am so anxious about April next year as my boy’s sister is tying the knot. i am very careful with my food intake now as i do not want to be looking chunky on that special day and its the only time that i am able to witness a family member wedding before me :D Infact, i do hope that all my sisters get married before me, so that i can be their maid of honor like Jane in the 27 Dresses.. Tssk! There are so many thoughts on what i will be wearing on that day. i shall sketch em all up to get a clearer picture.

This floral top, i have only wore it once and its my favourite. it reminds me of Jane in 27 Dresses, again.. Ha ha! Especially the part where her sister was being proposed by George at a Mexican restaurant. Except for she’s wearing it with a skirt. i matched this with a pleated tapered pants that i recently purchase at the Castelle® e-clothing instead to give it a tougher look over chicness. They’ve got several cool stuffs there and i am crazy for the black fringe bag to go with this boots. Alright, that’s enough. No more shopping! See you guys soon & pray hard for me ya. 

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Me in Black

Posted in Colors, Inspiration, Shoes, Style by styleantagonist on May 30, 2009

blackWearing: MNG Embroided Torn Chiffon Sleeveless Top, MNG Lace Ruffle Skirt, Bebe Stella.gothblack3Closeup: MNG Embroided Torn Chiffon Sleeveless Topgothblack2Closeup: MNG Lace Ruffle Skirtblack2Wrapup of entire outfit in alternate angles.Libertine Lace Ruffle Skirt Libertine Lace Ruffle Skirt – 39.90 USD (Image Source:

i have just noticed that all my outfit attempts were never in Black. So, i decided to break the norm by putting on some black pieces that has been trapped in my wardrobe for ages :D i can almost hardly find these pieces as they deeply sunk into the bottom most of the stack.. Furthermore it is black in color & it easily camofloushes with the rest of the black outfit. The reason i picked this combination because i am in the mood for frills, ruffles, lace and heavy embroideries that gives the entire look a feel of gothic / haute fashion-like experience. The skirt was similar with what has offered – Libertine Lace Ruffle Skirt for 39.90 USD. Whereas mine was bought at MNG at a 70% slashed price, 49.oo MYR ~ 14 USD (@ 3.5 conversion rate). i knew that the ruffles were not too dominant to create the effect but it was close. i am not a fan of silky-effect-fabrics as you can see from the picture that the top were made of satin-like fabric covering the chest area, i would prefer it to be matt effect (chiffon, cotton, or anything besides glossy fabric) if possible. So that it adds up enough amount of energy & seriousness into the entire ensemble. i then pair it with my Bebe Stella shoe, sorry i have forgotten to take a close-up for this :D In case you’re wondering, you can see it here. Thank you for those who visited & viewed my blog. i appreciate it. See you all again.

Casual Glance

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on May 27, 2009

coatcoat2crisscrossshoeMNG Suit Checkered Coat, Black Top, MNG Black Skinny Jeans, MNG Chunky Buckle Belt, Leatheratte CrissCross Heel

A simple mix n’ match outcome from the ‘untouched’ pieces in my wardrobe.

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Getting Ready

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on April 26, 2009

sunday260409Ivy (G2 Long Black Cardigan, Diva Necklace, MNG Peacock Motive Skirt, Jimmy Choo Black Ramona Bag) Wendy of blackcoffeecrumbs (Abercrombie Beige  Cashmere Cardigan, Dolly Black Tunic Dress, Black Tights, NOSE Black Pumps) StyleAntagonist (MNJ Nicole Top, ¾ Black Jeans, Miss Cindy Ivy Red PU Belt with Distressed Chrome buckle, Mine West Ivy Red Leatherette Satchel NOSE Ivy Red Patent Wedge)sunday260409-3Nine West Ivy Red Leatheratte Satchelsunday260409-2NOSE Ivy Red Patent Wedge

All set and ready to go.. Having good time preparing ourselves for church : ) Ivy wasn’t completely ready when i took her picture.. Sorry no shoes on her. Wendy was busy mix-matching throughout the morning and opted for a Chanel bag to go with her outfit. i gave a twist by adding a touch of Ivy Red color in each accessory (Belt, Bag & Shoe) : D It was a very bright & beautiful Sunday. We hit to the local Chinese food stalls for some vege dumplings & paratha right after that.   

Fringe Binge

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on April 21, 2009

mng-metal-fringe-purseMNG Metal Fringe Purse (Ivy’s)faux-leather-fringe-bagFaux Leather Fringe Bag (Ivy’s)de-larueDe LaRue’s Distressed Studded Messenger Bag from the movie The Devil Wears Prada (2007)prada-napa-fringe-hoboPrada Nappa Fringe Hobo Bag (Spring 2007 Collection)

Fringe really reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada’s days back in 2007. i was once deeply fallen in love with the De LaRue Distressed Studded Messenger bag that Andy holds with her in the lounge. i never had an opportunity to purchase that bag because it was never up for sale over the net or perhaps its just constantly out of  stock in Amazon. Anyway, life should not be that miserable for me. i must learn how to live a day without thinking of owning stuffs that i’m attracted to.. These fringe bags above are not mine. They are Ivy’s. She bought it a few weeks back. She was infected with a very severe high fringe fever during that time. These fringe bags are an inspiration from the Prada Nappa Fringe Bag, which i must admit falling into the scary side of the scale :S