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Tootciaga (Pt. 3)

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on May 5, 2009

tootciagatootciaga (2)

Received a notice for a package pick-up at the main Post Office today. Without any further delay, i rushed out from the office during lunch hour to collect it, despite the extreme heat & loads of outstanding work. Saved it up to open at home later in the evening. Do not intend to create a stir in the office, especially with this shoe around ; ) Was very keen, excited and overjoyed actually! Even had pictures taken from many angles before i open it up :D (you know, for the purpose of sentimental memories, its like receiving a newborn baby into this world! Ha ha!) As always, will have it paired with more outfits soon. Its odd and a little too late for a complete outfit photography now, need to prepare food for dinner soon! See you all soon!

[ p/s: For some reason, i feel like my feet are looking like a horse feet! ]


Tootciaga (Pt. 2)

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on April 27, 2009

tootciaga2Finally! Those Tootsie shoes that i’ve been talking about by Velvet Angels are now up for sale on . However, they do not ship to Malaysia. That’s bad news! Spent almost 2 consequetive days searching & browsing the Internet for online store that ships to Malaysia and found one at Revolve Clothing . Unfortunately this time, the black ones are completely out of stock, so i purchased the one in light brown instead : ( (i know this sounds crazy but i was thinking of re-dye it in black color) Anyway, we’ll leave that when the time comes. As for now, i am pouring out my money for this pair of shoe and hoping that it would arrive soonest possible. Do check it out soon!