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Tootciaga (Pt. 3)

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on May 5, 2009

tootciagatootciaga (2)

Received a notice for a package pick-up at the main Post Office today. Without any further delay, i rushed out from the office during lunch hour to collect it, despite the extreme heat & loads of outstanding work. Saved it up to open at home later in the evening. Do not intend to create a stir in the office, especially with this shoe around ; ) Was very keen, excited and overjoyed actually! Even had pictures taken from many angles before i open it up :D (you know, for the purpose of sentimental memories, its like receiving a newborn baby into this world! Ha ha!) As always, will have it paired with more outfits soon. Its odd and a little too late for a complete outfit photography now, need to prepare food for dinner soon! See you all soon!

[ p/s: For some reason, i feel like my feet are looking like a horse feet! ]


Tootciaga (Pt. 2)

Posted in Style by styleantagonist on April 27, 2009

tootciaga2Finally! Those Tootsie shoes that i’ve been talking about by Velvet Angels are now up for sale on . However, they do not ship to Malaysia. That’s bad news! Spent almost 2 consequetive days searching & browsing the Internet for online store that ships to Malaysia and found one at Revolve Clothing . Unfortunately this time, the black ones are completely out of stock, so i purchased the one in light brown instead : ( (i know this sounds crazy but i was thinking of re-dye it in black color) Anyway, we’ll leave that when the time comes. As for now, i am pouring out my money for this pair of shoe and hoping that it would arrive soonest possible. Do check it out soon!


Posted in Style by styleantagonist on April 15, 2009


 This is what you get form a combination of the word ‘Tootsie’ + ‘ Balenciaga’. i have been giving serious thoughts on owning a pair of Balenciaga Ankle Booties. Problem is, where on earth i can get it? Not even a single sight of Sam Edelman’s too. They are all sold out and even if they’re up for Sale, to buy them you must be earning big money. In view to this problems, i have downgraded my option from a Balenciaga Booties to an almost similar Ankle Boots from Velvet Angels – Tootsie boots. It has all the closest match points of a Balenciaga Booties.. and again, with a much lesser cost. i will be on the lookout for this pretty much sooner than anyone could imagine! Watch out!